Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Ryan Landry At The Daily Caller

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In the last Clinton email dump, I saw something that hit on a subject I have watched and written about for years: post-Arab Spring Egypt. The email to Secretary Clinton was disturbing and tipped the hand of how our State department was approaching Egypt, and it revealed how the public talk was full of bunkum. I decided to send it to The Daily Caller and see if they would publish it. They agreed. Please go read it there.

They knew the Muslim Brotherhood was going to send Egypt through an Iran in 1979 ordeal. Clinton went along with it. We have proof. How often must America crawl into bed with Islamists and jihadis?


Anonymous said...

"How much of the Obama administration’s avoidance of the intelligence pointing towards a coming Islamic Republic on the Nile was due to Huma Abedin’s influence on Hillary Clinton?"

Hillary serves Haim Saban first and foremost. Barak Obama serves the Pritzker family. Huma Abedin's influence is way down the list.

In the end, the Saban and Pritzker juice won out. General Morsi has shut down the Hamas tunnels to Gaza and shut down the Brotherhood.

Anonymous said...

Replace Sisi for Morsi in that last sentence. General el-Sisi has shut down the Hamas tunnels and the MB.

And to correct further, Morsi was the MB man. Sisi is the strong-man (new Mubarak).