Monday, February 01, 2016

Hidden History: Treasonous Fathers + Sons

As we watch the migrant crisis or immigrant invasion unfold, it is interesting to watch different reactions from different populations. There does seem to be a bit of the Hajnal Line working within the EU as Eastern Europe says no thanks while Western Europe lets them in without a break. The clannishness of the Mediterranean seems to be working against migrants', as well as within the US, the clannish whites are saying "Build a wall, deport them all" with the Trump. It feels genetic in origin.

This could be a systems thing with the outbreeding project. Outbreeding selected and bred for a population that was cooperative and open to working with others. This has devolved into ethnomasochistic behavior with the help of Jewish immigration endeavors. This is outbreeding creating a negative loop. Now casting societal wide problems aside, drilling down to the individual, could treason be genetic? If behaviors are hereditary, why would treason be any different than intelligence, agreeableness, etc.? Look at the Philby family.

Many fans of 20th century history and the Cold War will know the name Kim Philby. Philby was part of the famous Cambridge Five; the circle of spies within the bureaucracy of the spy world learning information for the Soviets. The Anglos were already socialist, so helping the Soviets who were communists fight fascism had some appeal. Philby had multiple Jewish women recruiting him in the '30s to help the cause. What is interesting is how immediately he identified with the "other". Philby's love affair and identification with the cause of worldwide communism or socialism intertwined, but had him hooked even after his separation from his lady.

Was there something to Philby? He graduated in 1933 and was working with the communists  immediately. He had been spotted for tendencies and inclinations in school. This was not difficult to spot in Western universities at that time. Harvard had pinkos as well as vocal and open socialists by the cartload. The Oxbridge crowd was not any different. As is often repeated, it was a WASP and Jewish crowd. Along those lines of cultural determinism, was there something else, something genetic? Yes, his father reveals how.

Harry St John Philby is a rather odd case of a British foreign intelligence officer. Harry St John "Jack" Philby called himself the "first socialist to join the Indian Civil Service". Papa Philby was stationed in what is now southern Iraq to protect oil fields of the empire and hopefully inspire an Arab revolt. The Arab revolt was spurred on by Lawrence of Arabia, but Papa Philby made inroads deep into the Arabian peninsula with the Ibn Saud clique and puritanical Wahhabis.

Before his son Kim was setting the template for Cold War treason, Jack Philby went native. This was not all that uncommon as plenty of Brits went native in their different assignments and some garnered worldwide renown in doing so. There is a difference between his behavior and Lawrence of Arabia's or some other agents. Those agents worked with native populations, romanticized their ordeals, loved their lands et cetera, but they still fit it into the context of what was best for the Empire. Sympathy and empathy are common among ambassadors and foreign service agents, but Philby took this to a new level. Papa Philby had a more hands on and different approach.

Philby decided even as far back as during the Great War, and against official British foreign policy, that it would be better if the Saudis ruled the entire Arabian peninsula. Philby did not act as an agent for the British as much as he acted as an agent for the Ibn Saud clique. Philby pushed the Brits to allow Ibn Saud to take over Kuwait, which would have been a betrayal of the sheikh of Kuwait that the British had aligned with. Philby sent confidential information to Ibn Saud, had unauthorized correspondence with Saud and nudged the Ibn Saud crew to ruffle feathers and cause unrest in their area for their gain. Philby then went on to perform amazing public relations for the Saudis in his correspondence to the Brits back home.

Philby set up shop with a private job in Jeddah and was the voice in King Saud's ear for decades. Philby did not just wear the robes and LARP to later put it away and return to England. He went native. He also took it one step further in 1930. In 1930, he converted to Islam. This was no quick conversion in a government office to become a Muslim for perks or better access. His Muslim name was Abdullah, which means God's slave. The king that he installed on the throne as King of the Arabs repaid him with a new slave bride for retirement. Papa Philby was not done as he worked against British interests while advising the Saudi king in the '30s and even made overtures to the random fascist nations and the rising global power, America.

This was all going on with Jack Philby before and then at the same time that Papa Philby was pushing his son Kim towards a career with MI6. It is a biblical lesson passed on from ancient days that the sons shall bear some burden for the sins of the father. That is not just a punishment concept but a warning that it might be wise to treat a son harshly or put him under more scrutiny because of his father's actions. How could MI6 have been so blind as to not see what Jack Philby had done and worried that Kim Philby would repeat the same deeds just with a different "other"? They tossed it aside. They pulled him into their government and promoted him up the ranks. Philby was the chief liaison between British-American intelligence agencies, and his Cambridge cronies and own cloud of suspicion would haunt James Angleton for decades as he became obsessed with moles.

Kim Philby is a figure that makes it into Cold War specials. Most of the Hollywood films on intelligence moles are modeled after his career in MI6. Practically no one knows of his father. No one asks why such a well oiled Empire could lose sight of one of their own going to the other side yet select that same man's son for sensitive jobs. Few if any in the 1930s would consider the security concerns and if there may be a hereditary component to the ability of men and women to turn on their own for the "other". No one today would even be allowed to publicly think in that manner.


Toddy Cat said...

Just because James Angleton was paranoid doesn't mean that he was seeing nothing. He was right that there were moles galore in Western intelligence. Angleton and McCarthy still get a lot of grief from the Left, but they were essentially right, despite getting some of the details wrong.

By the way, great work on drawing the connection between Brits "Going Native" and the treason of so many of the British upper classes during the Cold War. I had never seen the connection, but you're right. That's first-rate thinking...

Son of Brock Landers said...

Thanks Toddy Cat.

Angleton was right. The Burgess/McLean defection made him properly scared as well as his direct liaison Philby coming under suspicion. It'd make me insecure. Like McCarthy, he didnt think of the traitors within due to socialist pasts as much as seduced by Russia. I dont think he was

Portlander said...

outbreeding creating a negative loop

Sigh. Non-engineers... ;)

There are positive-feedback loops, and negative-feedback loops.
There are virtuous cycles and vicious cycles.
There are not positive or negative loops.

What you appear to be referring to is a positive-feedback loop (outbreeding resulting in improved vigor) that culminates a pathological state (cuckservatives and prog-libtards) when subject to an exogenic shock (invasion from a culture with a considerably lower mean to regress to).

Biology is rife with examples where a niche gets altered by an external shock, and the apex species in that niche is not so suddenly extinct.

In Western Europe's case former generations had a cultural pride (and race-realism from living on, or at least close to, the farm) that prevented their outbreeding tendency from extending to the rest of the world. That former pride has been drummed out (not genetically, but culturally), such that virtually everyone is a blank-slater now. And hence, we're getting the predictable results.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

James Jesus Angleton was a Israeli mole inside the CIA, the Mexican eve got a Hollywood movie with Matt Damon, a huge endorsement from the establishment.

McCarthy was the real deal, that's why his name is still a punch bag in the media.

Toddy Cat said...

"James Jesus Angleton was a Israeli mole inside the CIA"

I had never heard of this accusation before. Can you direct me to some evidence? The Soviets hated Angleton, and did a lot to smear him, like McCarthy and J. Edgar Hoover, we always need to be careful with accusations like this.

Anonymous said...

The Agency's conventional wisdom: Dulles and Angleton teamed up to feed disinformation to McCarthy on the grounds he was discrediting antiCommunism : (p 80)

I think the Fund for the Republic set up the anti-McCarthy narrative we know. Look into that.

Anonymous said...

"Philby had multiple Jewish women recruiting him in the '30s to help the cause."

Stalin also had multiple Jewish lovers, the Book of Esther and all that Jazz, Richard Nixon said that Jews are "natural spies".