Friday, January 29, 2016

Trump's No Show + SM Review-Preview 31

How much fun is it watching Trump reveal the circus that politics is? Last week it was Trump going before evangelicals and Christian voters and saying "2 Corinthians" and openly saying "that's what you guys call it/wanna hear", which while being accused of pandering actually reveals how phony pandering to Christian voters is. It was beautiful.

This week Trump showed how it's the media that picks our leaders as well as the Inner-Outer Party set up. Trump says he will not show, and the cuckservative crowd said, "Oh he's afraid of Megyn Kelly." Uh no, he's copying Reagan. Fox would not bend to his wishes, Trump would have to bend to their demands. The media is in charge buddy. What was he really avoiding? He was also dodging the fact that the Outer Party GOP had asked several progressives to ask questions at the final pre-primaries debate. On what planet should a party ask members of the other party to ask questions during an important debate. Clinton is not going to take any question from legitimate Rubio, Cruz or Rand advocates.

It is a circus. It is a show. It is reality television. Few truly want to admit it. As much as the system and your right thinking friends and family want to bitch, the show just was crashed by the longest running reality star in America.

Last week, I wrote on the use of phony experts in the media think pieces people read everyday. These are not the writers themselves but the cited authorities who mouth progressive standard lines that back up how the progs want you to think. The episode of Weimerica Weekly that aired was my first interview. We had a talk about drugs, the underclass, cycles of poverty, mass incarceration, and if there is anyway out of it all. Hipster Cop was her name, and I thank her for her time.


Alexandros HoMegas said...

Trump is destroying Cuckservatism Inc. and the GOP neocons establishment doesn't have a answer for him.

Toddy Cat said...

"Trump is destroying Cuckservatism Inc."

If he does nothing more than this, future generations will owe him a great debt...

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

The Trump Train has been eye-opening. It really shows how weak and ridiculous our adversaries really are. More, please.

Portlander said...

Hey SoBL, I'm glad you brought up Trump.

I've been wanting to ask you if you think he might run into the problems Nixon ran into with the media machine putting a target on his back out of spite & envy?

For a while in Dec when all the Trump haters were getting the vapors over his Muslim immigration announcement I wanted to post the Simpsons clip where the news anchor switches sides to the alien ant invaders as soon as it appears they are going to take over Earth. IMO, in Dec it was obvious Trump was going to win and all the haters would quickly fall into line, to be on the winning side.

However, Trump has so completely pwned the media, the GOPe, the Globalists, that maybe they turn on him out of spite and envy?

On the other hand, he's not nearly as a dis-agreeable jerk as Nixon. I think people hated Nixon because he made it obvious he was their superior. He worked harder than you, smarter than you, was going to get further than you, and made sure you knew it. Trump allows for a certain amount of plausible deniability... he's great, his people are great, everyone's great, if you give into him you can be great too!

Son of Brock Landers said...

Portlander - Fantastic comment. I think the media will smear and attack him as lomg as he is onstage. The fear of Trump winning and not owing shit to anyone is huge. He is much more affable than Nixon and kind of in a Reagan way, but there is a strain of Huey Long to his talk. Its going to be an antagonistic relationship if he wins.

Toddy Cat said...

Aside from his personality, Nixon really had no base. Liberals hated him, but at the same time, Nixon was actually quite liberal himself. Nixon created the EPA, he started Affirmative Action, he sold out Taiwan, he initiated Detente with the USSR, he was pro-gun control - all in all, he talked a whole lot tougher game than he played. The Silent Majority supported him because he wasn't as lefty as the 1968-72 Democrats, and he had all the right enemies, but he wasn't really one of them, and they knew it. If Trump gets in, and he actually does most of what he says he is going to do, the elite will have a hard time pulling a Watergate on him - that only works once, and Trump will be too popular. The last time the Left tried this on a popular president, with Iran-Contra, they just succeeded in making Ollie North a hero, and Reagan left office a beloved and successful president. Much depends on if Trump is perceived to be the real deal.

Portlander said...


I think you got the gist, but just to clarify that one sentence:
... IMO, in Dec it was obvious Trump was going to win and all the haters would quickly fall into line, to be on the winning side.

... In Dec it was obvious to me Trump was going to win. So, would all the haters quickly fall into line, to be on the winning side?

Funny you mention Reagan. The media H.A.T.E.D. him too. And he could engage inn over-the-top bombast on occasion. Haha... imagine the conniptions that would have emanated had SJW's had Twatter when Reagan made his open-mic bombing the Soviet Union quip.

Which, if I may, brings up one thing that irritates the hell out of me about shit-libs... they are such self-righteous, arrogant bores they cannot imagine anyone else is capable of ironic sarcasm. They are all one-trick ponies when it comes to humor, with ironic sarcasm being their one trick, but then when anyone else engages it for a a little fun and games they take it literally, lose their shit, respond back with their own ironic sarcasm (because, again, that's all they know), and then run off patting each other on the back in their twatter echo chambers for being so clever for, ultimately, taking someone else's ironic sarcasm literally. The arrogance on display is disgusting. Alas, such is the down-side of choosing Portland as my domicile.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

My hope is that a President Trump would unleash 'hit squads' that would embarrass, silence hostile media operatives.