Monday, January 04, 2016

The Slattery Report and Our Lying Media

The winds have shifted in the Syrian Refugee debate. Even the broadest of polls has revealed a shift from a 10% margin for allowing them in to a 10% margin for denying entry. Deeper within the poll is that the shift is due to independents moving from support to deny. Scarier might be that in the face of jihadi violence not just in Paris but in America and ISIS openly stating they will send in sleepers, Democrats now support allowing refugees in by a greater margin (74% say "refugees welcome"). Why is this? Well the propaganda machine has been cranking out guilt trips for Americans to support in refugees and are using the all time favorite "The Holocaust" as their rationale.

Ezra Klein's Vox lays it on thick pointing to America's rejection of Jewish refugees as some haunting, shameful act that shapes us today. Yes, America takes in refugees more and quickly now but is it because of the Holocaust or because of the Left's control over immigration policies and th e'65 immigration law changes? That link is not Dara Lind's only piece of refugee propaganda, as she also pushed the pro-refugee line tying it to Jewish identity. Why must 315 million Americans be forced to do things because less than 2% of its population wants it and needs to feel it's a part of living their identity? Note: Israel is never asked to take in a single refugee despite being a Jewish nation. This is insanity.

It is almost as insane as laying the Holocaust at Americans' feet. The M.S. St. Louis is a ship that Jews trot out as when America let Jews down. Buried in paragraphs is the little fact that 75% of all passengers on that ship survived the Holocaust. Exactly when, how and why was the American government to intervene on behalf of Jews in Germany in the '30s? Why? What made the Nazi policies any worse than what the Japanese did to the Chinese? How would we intervene and on what justification in Germany after turning a blind eye to the policies of the Soviet Union in the same decade and the '20s? At what point was America to intervene? In 1939, the camps were getting worse but not exterminating people. That was also an active war year, so was America to go to war over minorities within another nation? I am confused Jews. Explain it to me and why this is not just because it was your tribe.

On top of all of this is that in every single article about "THE EVIL AMERICANS DID NUTTIN'", none mention the Slattery Report. The lies of omission are sometimes the worst but most necessary for the Left because it kills their retcon of the past. The US federal government looked into settling some Jews in Alaska. You know who did not like that idea? American Jews. This was a combined effort, but many interests were against this idea. America is not a dumping ground for everyone. If we did it for Jews, we'd have to do it for everyone or else they would be getting special privileges. American immigration policy now is let all in at all times. America is a dumping ground.

The most disgusting thing is to consider how many Americans liberated Nazi camps and freed Jews behind barb wire. In return, those white men are demonized as the horrible patriarchy, the bad old order and nothing to be thankful for. Americans who share the values of those liberators are today called Nazis. One of my grandfathers was in the 3rd Armored Division that liberated a camp. He told me many things from the war. One that he shared, once I was old enough, was that he never understood how thousands of prisoners would not charge the dozens of guards armed with guns. How come the Jews would not fight back? It sickened him. Die on your feet. Had he lived to see the Holocaust used as an excuse for the obliteration of any concept of national borders and protecting one's people, he would spit blood.

The lies will roll off their fingertips as they type away guilting Americans. The Christian Bible angle was used after the Holocaust excuse, but that seems to be an angle at self described conservatives. The Holocaust, the ultimate sin that Americans are guilted with despite taking place thousands of miles away, is the message that works on the Left, independents and conservatives. It is a good pitch. After all, how many American cities have Holocaust memorials and how many Americans have heard the words, "NEVER AGAIN"?


professorastro said...

If I remember correctly, didn't the Dominican Republic offer the passengers asylum?

Alexandros HoMegas said...

When the Holohoax racket will end? Jews milked Whites for everything its worth.

Toddy Cat said...

And of course, it was primarily American Jews and FDR who shot down almost all attempts to re-settle Jews in the U.S., not ordinary white Americans. Besides, most of the Syrian "refugees" that the Left wants to let in are already safe in other countries. This isn't like the U.S. not letting Jews in fleeing from Nazi Germany - it's like the U.S. not letting Jews in who were already safe in Britain, Canada, and Spain. The whole thing is a stupid, put-up job, even by the slimy, mendacious standards of the left.