Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly Episode 7

This week's Weimerica Weekly is up at Social matter. Go listen to it there. These are meant to be topical but woven into the larger fabric of our culture and society.
This week's episode is on the Paris attacks, the change in the game for terrorist attacks and immediate reactions, the French response or non-response, the problems of immigration, and then I take a look at a specific type of immigration. No inflow of immigration is ever the same, so the Muslims coming now are different than the Muslims coming in a generation or two ago. I use a very small community's immigration splits to discuss just how different immigration can be. Jewish immigration into America is rather interesting, especially considering the incredibly small numbers compared to what is going on in Europe with Muslims and Africans at the moment.
This episode is 26 minutes, so it is perfect for a lunch break or commute ride. Please listen to it there, and remember if you are interested in sponsoring the podcast, let me know at Mrossi34228 at gmail dot com.

FYI - My first guests will start in February podcasts.

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Obama cried, your argument is invalid.