Sunday, January 31, 2016

Social Matter - Not All Geopolitical Problems Are America’s Fault

New essay is up at Social Matter and it is on a major pain point for America that you know what, we're not to blame for!

Is the kingdom going to fall? Will the kingdom take down its whole region in a flurry of war? The kingdom in question is Saudi Arabia. Probably not, but the fun has kicked up ten notches for them. Iran has some breathing room, and suddenly it’s a Shia-Sunni/Iran-KSA shouting match each week in the news. Iranian missiles can certainly reach across the Persian Gulf and knock out oil fields. The KSA has had bad press, as well, since now people feel open to discuss KSA-ISIS links or even ISIS being a proto-KSA. Blame can be spread all around, but we can thank the British for the high position the Saudis hold in our global society.

It's amazing that America is not to blame for this one. We inherited a bad situation that the Brits decided to put into place. Go read it there.

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Alexandros HoMegas said...

The Ottoman Empire should be still ruling the Middle-East but Lord Rothschlid got the Balfour Declaration from the Brits..