Sunday, January 24, 2016

Social Matter - The Expert Is A Prefabricated Voice

This week's essay at Social Matter is on the fake experts that are trotted out in news items to mold public opinion.
The media is sovereign. If not, they are near sovereign in our society. They have amazing power as the megaphone, the editor of the megaphone, and the user of the megaphone. What they choose to discuss matters, as it shapes the direction of society as energies are focused, applied, and in some cases, misallocated. Beyond that, the media tells us who are experts. They select whom to quote and deem an expert to reveal to you the story they are sharing. 
As the existing order goes thru strains as it grows or pains as it dies, we need to reveal just how fraudulent these men and women are who are selected by the authorities to tell us little people what to think. It is the same types, spouting the same garbage funded by the same puppetmasters. I hope you enjoy.

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Alexandros HoMegas said...

Nietzche: "The Jew as a born Litterat [‘man of letters’], as the true master of the European press, also exercises his power by virtue of his theatrical gifts; for the man of letters is essentially an actor: he plays the ‘expert,’ the ‘specialist.’ (sec. 361)"