Sunday, January 03, 2016

Social Matter - Amerikanskiy Zones

My latest essay is up at Social Matter. It is about a potential propaganda move that Russia could enact if this truly is a Cold War 2.0: Amerkanskiy Zones.
As America slips into an unnecessary Cold War 2.0, some familiar sides are shaping up. There is a universalist regime bent on spreading its belief system around the globe through violent insurrection. There is another side that has a strong tie between its security state and nominal claims to religious ties. China is even a go-between in the situation. Unlike the prior Cold War, the regime supporting violent insurrection for progressive ideals is found in DC, while the nationalists appealing to security states around the globe is found in the Kremlin. The similarities are trickling down beyond just the main event. Propaganda, in all forms, is making a comeback.

Please check it out. There have been fun comments so far as I found out there was a better Russian word for American, some people wondered if this was clickbait, another wondered if it was a troll and VXXC did some VXXCing like he now routinely does in all my Social Matter posts. My advice is,

I wouldn't waste 2000 words on either clickbait or a troll job. Think of what propaganda is and how powerful simple acts can become. It would not be a brain drain as much as a heart and soul drain.


PA said...

Great article, and no implausible scenario there. Russian authorities could screen for intel agency infiltrators or other bad-faith would-be refugees by looking at their online activity.

On a smaller scale, Republic of Georgia (in the Caucasus) has been inviting Boer farmers:


Anonymous said...

Seriously Ryan, do you think Putin can outwit the Judeo-American Empire? I would love to see this.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Pa - its a propaganda win of an untold value. It would destroy the american psyche.

Anon - entire russian political pectrum left and right knows US wants to weaken russia to make it a vassal. I think the russian elite could outwit the american elite from the looks of the last few years.

kudzu bob said...

When essentially the same thought crossed my about a month ago, I thought it was the most brilliant idea I would probably ever have in my life. All I did, though, was write a barely coherent email about it to a friend of mine in the middle of the night and then unaccountably move on to other things instead of putting my notion into article form. I suppose I ought to hate you for your excellent piece at Social Matter, but I'm too busy hating myself instead just now.

PS. Your podcasts are first-rate.

PPS. Is Nixon-In-Hell your Twitter feed? It is criminally underappreciated.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Kudzu bob - Thanks. Yes Nixon in Hell is me and where I put most of my election thoughts to keep my primary twitter clean