Monday, January 18, 2016

Humpty Dumpty Progressivism

The system seems to be accelerating for disorder and chaos. The system's speed is also a great tool in revealing the inconsistent or contradictory statements by the progressives. This is not new, only more open. The progs can use whatever argument they deem legitimate and morally superior at the moment. That statement means what they mean it to mean at that time. This is solely about power. This is Humpty Dumpty Progressivism. 

Ferguson protesters and Baltimore protesters turn into rioters. Property is smashed. Cop cars overturned or destroyed. Arson, looting, and mayhem that frightens the locals are at, around and a part of these protests. The milder protests occupy police stations or try to block interstates. This is political expression. This is political speech for the voiceless. Forget that cable news cameras are there and print media reporters are taking down the rioters every word; these acts are raised to the level of MLK being hosed down by cops. Several months pass and a group of American flag waving whites occupy an empty government building. Some are armed with rifles. This is called an act of terrorism. These protesters are terrorists. They should be droned is the cry of many progressives. Humpty Dumpty Progressivism strikes!

Beyond one time events, long running propaganda memes face this same quirky reality. The idea of a Slutwalk was a multi-year feminists tool in reaction to one cop warning women in Toronto that they should have situational awareness and be cognizant of how they dressed as they walked through rough cities. This was victim blaming and set off years worth of women proudly marching as sluts. Fast forward to January of 2016. The city of Cologne Germany experienced hundreds of sexual assaults by a thousand Muslim rapefugees. The mayor, a woman, advised women to watch how they dressed not to entice Muslims and to keep an arm's length away. Victim blaming and a rape culture cause the feminists to do... nothing. No protest. No nothing. Humpty Dumpty Progressivism strikes again!

Even the simple memes are repeatedly used in spotty fashion. "If it saves just one life" is a common refrain when discussing banning all guns in America. It is a childish statement and ridiculous in its cost-benefit analysis. This is a common refrain. Now that Europe is witnessing a crime spike and a rape wave with migration, calls to stop migrants or send them back are called xenophobic and racist. Why does the save one life not apply when the simple act of deporting Muslims or not opening the gates to migrants in the first place would have prevented hundreds if not thousands of rapes? Humpty Dumpty Progressivism strikes again!

This can be done with almost anything. For example: America has horrible economic inequality, but let's keep importing poor, uneducated third world people into an already "unfair" system. This is a continuous, daily operation. It only operates due to their hand at the levers of control. This is a system of control and propagating their memes to manage the specific situation at the moment. The only reason it even works, and it is failing now, is that they hold all the megaphones. Removed from any official position of power for controlling the message and they'd be destroyed in a second. This is why elections or a coup will not matter unless the treasonous media is dealt with at the same time. This is why Orban took care of the media in Hungary. Orban shows a potential path. Like other behaviors of the Left, Humpty Dumpty Progressivism withers and dies in the face of truth.


paworldandtimes said...

Related to Orban's crackdown on prog media, Poland's government is now threatened with sanctions over similar steps. Jarosław Kaczyński, chairman of Poland’s governing Law and Justice party just said this after a meeting with EU commission:

"To say that democracy in Poland is in peril is ridiculous, to put it mildly. If anyone in Europe should be concerned for their freedom, it is the citizens in the West. If there is any place where political correctness and criminal law prohibit speech, it is not in Poland." (my translation)

A little known fact is that many, if not the majority of prog media figures that are being ousted in Poland -- this is hearsay from people I know who live there -- are younger relatives of former Communist Party officials who were well position during post-Communist privatization.

As to the acceleration of events and the full dropping of all but the thinnest pretense of principle: it smells of hubris.


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

What's the plan? Currently, we lack the ability to detain/silence opposition journalists and shut down state media operations.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan, are you hearing about the new economic collapse that it's happening now?

Son of Brock Landers said...

PA- Western media going after poland fast to prevent anotherOrban situation.

LBF - Keep delefitmizing the media and honestly, I think there is a new venture comingthat will change journalism forever. I cant discuss it but look for it in March. I will report on it when it drops.

anon - Yes, its either 1937 redo or end of it all. Amazing to watch china continue to throw traders in jail and add more money to the tsunami.

Portlander said...

Speaking of Poland, interesting that S&P was called to the pile-on.

Portlander said...

Here's the excerpt showing how fast/ad-hoc (ie. reactive) the attack was.

"... as a result of the S&P rating [downgrade] the yield of the Polish bonds skyrocketed, an event that President Marek Belka himself could not have predicted.

He could not have because the decision was made in contravention of the accepted standards. The minister of finance claims that the agency has failed to thoroughly discuss the issue with the authorities1, left no time for appeal and has decided to change the rating without first having changed the outlook from the positive to the negative, which is the accepted procedure. The other two rating agencies, Fitch and Moody’s, did not recognize the current situation as warranting the lowering of the rating from level A- down to A2; nor did they lower the outlook, assessing it as rather ‘stable’."

Client states every where are taking note: don't be a client, exit the petro-dollar at the earliest practical oppr.

Glengarry said...

Credit ratings are merely a political tool since after that last minor inconvenience in 2008. Look what happened to the downgrade of US debt for instance. The ratings companies are puppets. In the case of Poland, one can assume it's a bit of manufactured punishment for disobedience. I wonder if Poland will remain one of the staunchest European allies of the US.