Friday, January 15, 2016

Europe's Vigilante Mobs + SM Preview-Review 29

Have you seen the reports of vigilante groups popping up to protect natives in Europe? Of course, the media is concerned and upset over this, far more so than they were of sex mobs. This is great to see popping up. It is also a dark sign that faith in the authorities is so low that people organically feel that they have to take back some of the duties that they formerly felt comfortable outsourcing to the regime. Trust in institutions is low and when this low in security institutions, it is a bad sign for the political regime.

A couple things of note on this is that, first, there was a member of the government who stated a positive about the group in Finland. This matters. Anything associated with right wing, nationalist or nativisit (best label) will fail unless there are signs within official power centers or interests that support it. Note Anatoly Karlin's blog post pointing out the majority of French siloviks were going to vote for the National Front in France. That is immense. Silovik is Russian term that describes individuals or politicians aligned or from the security state apparatus. Take a look at Putin's power circle. Look up Igor Sechin.

Second, the Finns chose the name "Sons of Odin". I am a Catholic but contemporary Christianity is annoying and makes me roll my eyes non-stop. How dead is Christianity in Europe that the Finnish rallying identity for a tough, vigilante security group chooses the old pagan God Odin for imagery and identification. One would think fighting an invading horde of Muslims would be prime time for Deus Vult Crusader imagery. It's not. Damning indictment of what Christianity has devolved to in Europe.

Last week, I wrote on how the movie Nightcrawler is the reality of journalism today and tomorrow. It can't be fiction if we're already seeing Louis Bloom antics today.

On Wednesday, Weimerica Weekly was about a trans killer, the insanity of medical authorities greenlighting the woman's transition, and then a discussion of how the victim was a representative of the good side of her small community. Transitioning is a fraud in so many cases, and this woman is no different. Consider my podcast counterprogramming to the mainstream media. The murder was in my hometown. I knew the victim and her family well. She was the kind of person who is a good social force in a small town. The odd coincidence being they lived on the same street (at different times). Weird how such opposites came together in a tragic moment one afternoon.


peterike said...

Agree that the rise of some "vigilante" groups is a good, healthy sign. But there is a long, long way to go.

I wrote more on this point, but then I deleted it, since I don't want to draw undo attention to myself or this blog.

Son of Brock Landers said...

why peterike? you worried we're being watched?

deconstructingleftism said...

It is best to assume everyone is being watched all the time.

PA said...

It crossed my mind that insipid but provocative trolls like "The Spirit Within" at CH are anti-PC speech entrapment baits, but then two other things occurred to me: (1) don't be paranoid, and (2) even if true, we don't care.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

You could almost say the situation in Europe is starting resemble civil war. (Actually, some of us have been saying exactly that for several months now).

A significant number of the police and military will be loyal to their own people, which is why Nationalist outreach efforts must be directed towards them. They possess the training, networks, and access to arsenals that we need.

The identification of many in the security and intelligence services with the Nationalist cause is one reason I'm not concerned about being watched. Fuck 'em. ZFG.

If European regimes start hiring foreigners and non-Europeans to staff the security forces, then you known a serious clash is coming.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Something i did not consider:

what if using pagan mythology and words throws the euro-weenie class for a loop so that they can't say "evil christian whites"?

Son of Brock Landers said...

Agree on Civil War in EU? How fucking despicable is the EU regime to need goddamn Muslims and Sub-Saharan Africans to maintain their hold and push their sick policies? Traitors the lot of them.

One might argue that this is not too different from the American North that took Irish who came from 1850-1864 and stuck rifles in their hand to fight in the civil war. I know on my paternal grandmother's side that this happened with them.

Portlander said...

The fact of the matter is TPTB still fear the white middle class. Here and abroad.

Case in point: the paradoxical kid gloves at the Malheur HQ and show of force in-town as a result of the Bundy's protest in Oregon. Don't forget their cave-in in Nevada, either. Sure, this is far from over, and the Feds can easily afford to play the long game. But while shitlibs snarkily call it white privilege towards the Bundy's, I call it self-preservation instinct on the part of the Feds.

Never forget that. They fear us.

Tell a friend.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

The biggest fear of the ruling elites isn't terrorist attacks, colored riots or western cities becoming slums, their biggest fear is White men becoming organized and fighting back against the coloreds and degenerates like it happened in Corsica recently.

William Pierce Turner Diaries was about this, common White men organizing against the anti-White elites.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Ryan, this is why they want an "EU army" and want to staff it with Muslims and Africans so they can put down any indigenous resistance to the ongoing genocide.

A serious clash is coming.

Anonymous said...

The stuff about France is interesting, 50% of Cops and Military men voting Front National is a good sign especially when you consider that the French security services are also full of Blacks, Arabs and other mystery meats.

peterike said...

why peterike? you worried we're being watched?

I suppose there is passive watching going on all the time. I drew the line (on myself) at the point of explicitly advocating unpleasantness. I think that might get one in trouble. And I don't want to bring that down on this blog, either.

As for me, I work in corporate America, so clearly if my CrimeThink were to become common knowledge my company would no longer employ me, nor would any other. I can't afford that right now. I wish I could.