Friday, January 08, 2016

European Sex Mobs + SM Review + Preview 28

As predicted by adults and immigration restrictionists, the waves of migrants who were mostly military age single men created some problems for Europe. Rapes, assaults and mayhem were everywhere on New Year's Eve. This is just the first few months. No stop to the flow of migrants. At least some ground level cops are open about the mayhem, but the media and government combined to try to suppress the problem. Governments are siding with the invaders. They serve the elite's purpose. Vigilante protection gangs have supposedly popped up, the authorities are not changing their tune and some are even, shall we say, victim blaming, and the sides are being drawn.

Western Govts + traitorous natives + mino dependents vs. nationalist native inhabitants

It really is that simple. As I wrote in SM weeks ago about Globalism vs. nationalism, the globalist line pushers are generally your traitors to their nations. They share allegiance to a Trotskyite vision of world socialism not our vision of community, people and thede.

Last week, I wrote a thought experiment out of a move Russia could do in this new Cold War. Amerikanskiy Zones can house heirloom-americans. Think of the propaganda win for Russia if they had a pool of dissident Americans to parade around on television or the net to delegitimize the US, its degenerate culture and leadership. This is what we did in the Cold War with dissident Russians we took in, even their crooks.

On Wednesday, Weimerica Weekly discussed the Paris Attacks and the roll out of the French response. I discussed the different waves of immigration, and spotlighted the rather different waves of immigration from one small ethnicity into America: Jews. I try to be topical but fit in history and the bigger picture with these podcasts. I'm pleased and humbled by the positive response.

This week I will write on how the movie Nightcrawler is the reality for journalism now, and it will only get worse. The incentives are all there.

I also do mean it when I say, this year, I am trying to pull back a bit. I say that every year, but I am trying this year to make that reality.


Alexandros HoMegas said...

What do you think of Merkel? When she succeed the Left-Wing Gerhard Schoerder she was being promoted as Neocon friendly like Sarkozy in France.

I noticed that many of Germany's top politicians are from the former Communist East like Merkel, the is even a former Stasi Jewess with the mission of looking the Facebook for Germans who don't say Nice things about the Invasion.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Merkel was warming up to Russia with gaining speed. Then it all changed midway thru the Ukraine war. She then created this mess. This is a good essay on Merkal, her motivations and the mess in the West.

Anonymous said...

Is Merkel being threatened by the US State Department? Its a jewish fiefdom.

PA said...

Is Merkel being threatened by the US State Department?

No conceivable threat would justify the destruction she wrought.

- PA

Circle J said...

All this “analysis of the situation in Europe is a whole lot of nothing. Blah blah blah multiculturalism blah blah SJW blah blah globalist blah blah blah.

I expect nothing less from the yawning intellectual and moral and political abyss of rape culture. I mean sure you guys make a bit of noise implying you’re against mass rapes but really you’re just against Muslims committing them or-Muslims not committing them-for that matter.

And what’s your stance on feminism or women in general I wonder? Somehow I don’t think its any more progressive than conservative than Islamic culture. In fact conservative Islamic culture is almost the same as conservative western culture when it comes to issues like gays women human rights ethics torture war etc….

You are all extremists you are all radicals and Trump is nothing more than an American jihadist trying to radicalize the whining and insipid angry white males. at least when the actual jihadi do the same for Muslims usually those Muslims have something more than first world problems to complain about.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

Anonymous said...

Cirlce J, you use the word "radical" and "racist" in such a way as to suggest anyone cares about being called such things. The Day of the Cuck has approached twilight. Blah blah blah Trump blah blah blah Racist. No one cares anymore. You really need a new narrative.