Monday, January 25, 2016


George Soros is the supervillain of our era. With the money, global view and manipulation of geopolitics, his profile is much more like a Bond villain than a supervillain. There are plenty of politically active billionaires. Politics is their sport, controlling the lives of millions and contracts of large governments is fun. Soros takes everything to a new degree as he openly confirms the conspiracies that involve him, and his money seems to be everywhere. A short while back, there was a hashtag that that sought to highlight his criminality, #ArrestSoros. This is not just an empty slogan but a doable proposition.

Arrest Soros and charge him under the RICO statutes. RICO is the set of laws that allowed the Feds to go after the Mob. These laws are not purely for mafia organizations as they apply to any network that engages in crime as defined per the collection of RICO eligible crimes. RICO allows for people at the head of organizations to be charged and held culpable for crimes committed by members of their organizations. They can either order them to perform the act or assist them in performing the act. Soros here would be assisting through his wonderful ability to pay for everything. Attempting or feigning to attempt to solve the Wall Street problem, prosecutors have even considered charging Wall Street organizations under the RICO statutes.

Take a look at the offenses that trigger RICO. #BlackLivesMatter protests have led to arson and robbery. People affiliated with #BlackLivesMatter have committed a myriad of crimes elsewhere. The acts of terrorism is a given, as no small town or large city wants BLM to come in for a weekend of loot 'n' shoot. Recall that he has funded #BlackLivesMatter, and despite the protestations, employees of one of his domestic organizations started BLM. Because his bussed in protestors were the troublemakers per the peace loving locals, Soros funded protestors were the terror agents. Soros sits on top of that BLM empire. Like a mob boss, he is atop a hierarchy, and that does not make him any less culpable as Don Paulie would be for street tough Vinnie's actions. Soros' Open Society Foundation is a worldwide NGO that subverts nations and encourages chaos with a respectable face. They escape any punishment solely because Soros is aligned with and funds the progressive ruling elite.

That sounds weak, one might argue. It might be tough to prove. Let us go to an even better federal law that will surely come in handy to #ArrestSoros. Maybe not arresting him, but rendering him bankrupt and unable to fund the destruction of the West. Let an intrepid lawyer use the Alien Tort Statute. The Alien Tort Statue (ATS) allows for civil actions (torts) by foreigners for actions on foreign soil to be brought before US courts. There have been large corporations brought before the courts for this statute, and some have lost their cases or been forced to settle outside of court. Even officials are now openly fingering Soros as the man funding the immigrant invasion of Europe.

Think of the high court drama and made for television or the Internet testimony. The ATS is broad and the scope of crimes includes vague terms like "degrading treatment" and "crimes against humanity". Review some of the agreed"crimes against humanity like dehumanization, and think of the current refugee crisis. Uploaded Iphone videos alone should be enough evidence to build "Nuremberg 2: Merkel In A Noose". Europe has now seen spikes in crime in nations that have accepted refugees. It would be easy to list crimes but murders performed by immigrants and widespread gang rapes of migrant on native in an atmosphere of "convert to Islam or your kids will" taunts qualify as enough to bring a civil action.

How would anyone, even mighty Soros himself, withstand testimony from hundreds if not thousands of women beaten, raped and harassed by migrants that he has openly admitted to aiding in their quest for Europa? Tearful women crying over vague pain from breast implants caused multi-million dollar settlements and judgments against breast implant manufacturers. That was just over breast augmentation. This is rape, which in the feminist hysteria has been elevated to a crime where the steady message is no woman lies, all should be believed and rape culture must be stamped out. Soros being linked to the importation of rape culture would be global headlines for the length of the trial. He would seek a settlement. The key would be bringing forth so many plaintiffs that the billions of dollars he holds is reduced to millions. Penniless would be best.

After the ATS tort settlement, one would hit him with the RICO arrest. He would have less money to defend himself or buy off any politician or official who may protect him. One two punch. This will not happen. I know. No need to leave a silly comment to this post citing it. Soros is part of the ownership class for the Left, and a prominent shareholder in our thoroughly corrupt and bought government apparatus. Like a good Mob boss, Soros makes sure to have many channels and layers for spreading his influence, money and control. As long as progressives remain in control and the FIRE economy supreme, Soros will remain untouched. Without his money, what do they have? Without their system, how long does he last?

That apparatus, that system is showing its age. Built on lies, the normal management functions are no longer working as effectively. Speed and compressed timelines have shown their centralized institutions for the dinosaurs they are. Iphone recordings and social media websites have done enough to shake The Narrative. As the gap widens between the official story and reality, the credibility gap becomes a credibility gulf. When LBJ endured his credibility gap, the streets were full of protestors for everything and anything. The time for official channels for justice and dealing with our problem is nearing its end, if not already in the rearview mirror. The days of pitchforks, torches and extrajudicial measures are coming. Be careful though. If you need a fig leaf of due process, the above blueprint can be a means to #ArrestSoros.


Toddy Cat said...

Soros is without a doubt the most evil human being this planet has produced since Mao Tse-Tung. Arrest is hardly good enough. What is The Jackal doing these days?

peterike said...

It just goes to show you how pathological Jewish Progs are. They spend billions in total, and it's not even to make money. It's to push their causes, which when unraveled always amount to the same thing: anti-white.

Why are there no comparable billionaires on the Right doing the same? Even when they fund things, they go for cuckservative positions like free trade or reducing the deficit or educating the youth about Edmund Burke. Hoo hah.

Not one wealthy white person has stepped up to fund an overtly pro-white organization. I have my own petty dreams of winning the Powerball or whatever, getting my hands on F-you money, and then doing precisely that. Maybe my number will come up one of these days.

Anonymous said...

Soros is the weakest link of the Globalist alliance, pretty much everyone hates him and knows about him.

Camlost said...

Maybe Bloomberg's candidacy can force Soros out into the light, considering that those two have been pretty cozy over the years. But at this moment I don't think the average conservative-leaning American even knows who Soros is...

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan, how do you think Soros is looking this election?

Son of Brock Landers said...

Anon - He has Clinton. That is his guy. He is also friendly to the GOP establishment candidates. For him, it's anyone but Trump.

Robert What? said...

Arresting Soros would make the future prospects of millions of people better. However it is unlikely to happen since the Obama administration share his worldview.