Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Few New Links On The Blogroll

I always feel like one should refresh the blogroll from time to time. Who you read or recommend changes as time moves onward and writers change. If I kept the same blogroll, it'd be like Heartiste's blogroll that is from 2011 and is nearly full of dead blogs (ex: OneSTDV) and has-beens (ex: Virgle Kent). A few I have added to my regular reading list are now off to the right.

Akinokure - Face to Face is a nice blog that is different. Different not just in the different take on things, but different in that it is different and varied in content and yes, even take on things. It is refreshingly varied. It is too common even in our sphere to fall into set patterns, where you know what the writer will say and in what style they will use. I enjoy his writing.

Kakistocracy is run by the fellow on Twitter "Porter". His approach to this world as an absurd spectacle is fantastic for this odd, exhausted period we are trapped in. He is skilled in his writing, and his posts appear well crafted. He is entertaining, too. If I hosted a roundtable show, I would love to have him on it for his social critique. I'd add the writer of Akinokure to that roundtable as well.

PA World and Times is a brand new blog by long time commenter in the Roissysphere, PA. I tweeted to Heartiste a year or two ago that PA was the best commenter in our corner of the web. I had been encouraging him for years to write a blog, and he finally delivered. It was well worth the wait.

I read non-stop. Blogs, essays, books you name it. I am always looking for the story behind the story, and often looking for a point of view I had not considered. On the book front, I have been digging into the writing of old State department officials. With blogs, so many come and go that one needs to replenish the weekly or daily reading list. The above writers definitely are worth checking in on once a week.


paworldandtimes said...

Thank you for the link and the endorsement. I resisted blogging for years because in order to sit down and compose a structured post, two coinciding conditions were necessary: a surge of thoughts, and the opportunity to put them down in writing. Always too busy. Firing off comments on my smartphone as part of ongoing blog conversations was easier.

Two things finally got me to start a blog. First, you wrote something along these lines, which really stuck with me: "I blog because I want my children to read my thoughts when they grow up." The final straw a few days later was when a long comment I typed at CH got eaten.

Kakistocracy: pure poetry.

Akinokure: very original, slightly off-beat but perceptive feel for the zeitgeist and pop culture, backed by data.

He is also one of the original Roissysphere commenters, over on that blog since inception. Before that in 2003, I knew him over at the godfather blog of this sphere, "Two Blowhards."


Alexandros HoMegas said...

Porter and Kakistocracy are the best thing about the alt-right.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Porter and Kakistocracy were guys I read off and on but in 2015, they were killing it. Like me, they were off the Dark Enlightenment map from a few years ago but it worked in all of our favor. Honestly, now that map is obsolete but the two of them are rocking it.

Toddy Cat said...

Yes, all these guys are well worth your time, and it's good to see the debt that the Dark Enlightenment owes to "Two Blowhards" recognized. They were Dark before Dark was cool, way before.