Friday, January 01, 2016

2015 Thoughts + Social Matter Review/Preview 27

Is 2015 an awakening year? Maybe. If anything, it was a year where the Left really went hog wild with enjoying degeneracy and masks slipped here and there about a variety of communist things. Who can forget the week of "Fags and Flags" where the entire media-retail complex mad eit impossible to wear, discuss or shop for a confederate flag while simultaneously broadcasting the rainbow flag everywhere and anywhere. The right might have caught on that Big Biz is not their friend. Some whites might have caught on that if this be tribal politics and conflict, best to rally around someone (Trump).

Trump. How much fun has Trump been? He has destroyed a Bush. Mocked the system, and railed against the media. I don't think he can change much, and I have a strong feeling the Establishment will stab him in the back in 2016. If so, be ready. A stab in the back mythology is a strong one, especially if it leads to a stroke impaired president who needs to nap often. The presidency has reduced Obama from a young, fresh faced looking man to a "last scene in Philadelphia" AIDS patient. Many think Hillary will select Julian Castro as VP, which is a sad indictment of the Left as she appears worried and is not going to select Senator Kaine and instea dis hinting at a neophyte Mexican. This reveals the uselessness of electoral politics and limited power if any of the presidency.

Still, we can dream of a Trump-Putin Deus Vult Alliance.

Last week at Social Matter, I wrote on Christmas and the look back at the change in broader society for Christians. Will they answer the call? They have not had to fight for their faith for centuries, so will they pick up the sword where their ancestors left off. This year was one where the Left's anti-Christianity mask fell off completely. On Wednesday, Weimerica Weekly was about art, sex, the degeneration of art, CIA using modern art and the managerial revolution's effect on art, sex and life. Give it a listen, as art really has become about the party.


Anonymous said...

How would they stab trump in the back?

Alexandros HoMegas said...

They system made very clear that they hate Trump and its followers.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

If the GOP Establishment does something to stab Trump in the back, the Republicans will absolutely lose to Hillary Clinton. The elites bankrolling the GOP probably don't see this as a bad thing ultimately, which is the scary part in all this.