Thursday, December 24, 2015

WW1: The European Family Fight

This is a German prisoner lighting a cigarette for a wounded British soldier. Hard to imagine our current enemies or even those of recent wars offering token gestures such as this.


The Social Pathologist said...

Democracy killed that civilisation.

Contaminated NEET said...

Even if the soldiers wanted to, such an act would never be allowed, because the bureaucratic minds that run the world do not approve. The prisoner must be restrained, and in a secure area. The wounded friendly has no authorization to be in the prisoner area. The civility inherent in the gesture is fraternization, which is clearly prohibited by rules, regulations, and codes of conduct.

stengle said...

While I have every sympathy for the combatants in what turned out to be a grim war, I do wonder -- given the clarity of the image -- if this was not something of a propaganda picture. "See how kind we are even to our enemies," etc.

We do the same now, except we welcome our enemies into our society and give them welfare and free homes.