Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly Episode 6

The sixth installment of Weimerica Weekly is up now at Social Matter. This is intended as a truly wweekly series for y'all to listen.

This week's episode covers art, the degeneracy of art, the Dada crowd winning, the CIA funding modern art, the decline, managerial revolution effects on art, and if there is an opening for art to flourish if on the right side of the spectrum.

Please listen to it there. It is 31 minutes in length.


Anonymous said...

"he CIA funding modern art"

I first heard about this some 15 yeas ago, so is true that the CIA can be blamed for everything that is bad in this world?

paworldandtimes said...

I listened to the podcast. You have a good speaking voice and delivery. One non-prog artist you mention is Houellebecq. No disagreement there but the greats need to be more than nihlists or contrarians.

One artist with a positive vision is Kieslowski. He expressed many conventionally prog views but the vision in his films reached for highest levels of christianity.

Rewatching Red, I'm struck by the prophetic tenor in the buildup to the storm, which has now hit Europe.

There is great nascent stuff on youtube like Les Brigandes or Shiksa Goddess... great protest art.

Anonymous said...

Kieslowski's Red left the impression that he viewed the EU/Continental Europe as a sinking boat going to England/Angkosphere.

Toddy Cat said...

"so is true that the CIA can be blamed for everything that is bad in this world?"

No, only about 50%. The KGB/GRU is responsible for the rest.