Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly Episode 3

This week's Weimerica Weekly podcast is up at Social Matter. Please go listen to it there, and if interested in sponsoring, shoot me a note to the email listed there.
Episode 3 tackles the odd coincidence of the media reporting on an uptick in STD rates in America as well as the sad findings that antibiotic resistant bacteria seem to be popping up around the globe. I talk technology, the dating apocalypse, loosening mores and how a day of reckoning will come when antibiotics run out.

I hope you enjoy. Once again, around 30 minutes. No need to talk your ear off, but it can make for a lunch break or commute. Go listen to it there.


Anonymous said...

I wonder when the mainstream media will make the connection between the resurgence of STDs and the public acceptance of promiscuous lifestyles is going to be made. The drive to create protected groups, which shields them from criticism while at the same time exempting them from any social duties, can postpone this knowledge, but I doubt it can entirely smother it.

Thinking back to the post about the different types of prostitutes in the Weimar Republic - where did you find that information, and what do you consider to be the best sources on Weimar Germany?


Anonymous said...

Any plans to do an episode on Nixon?
Maybe just summarize your Nixon posts...

Son of Brock Landers said...

I'm trying to grab things from the headlines and weave them into how it fits into the big picture. If a Nixon item runs through the news cycle, I will do so. Maybe see if he'll call me again. He is guaranteed to call during primary season