Sunday, December 06, 2015

Social Matter - The Media Will Hide The Decline

Over at Social Matter I have an essay on how the media will dutifully hide the decline all around us. The progressive system must not be allowed to be seen for the wasteland it is turning into.

Crumbling American infrastructure is starting to pop up in even developed areas. This is not an issue of ye olde dam in a backwoods region bursting to drown five yokels. There are bridges, dams and roads in even the Acela corridor of America falling apart or standing brittle, waiting for a stiff test from Mother Nature. This has been on the public's mind since the bridge collapse in Minnesota in 2007, and the New York Times is finally on it. In what looks to be a preview for the future of America, the cover up of our decline will come from the top down and be a partially engaged issue.

Please read it there. A Weimerica Weekly is on tap for Wednesday as well. This essay though is not about the abusrd, and is in fact on the important features of civilization that our leaders are letting fall into disrepair.

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