Sunday, December 13, 2015

Social Matter - The Elites Anticipated Nationalism vs. Globalism

This week's essay at Social Matter is on the Elite's anticipation of the current battle of nationalism vs. globalism. After the fall of Soviet supported communism, they fully saw this coming challenge to globalization.

The fire rises. Not only are jihadis expressing their anger at Western universalism, but Yemenis have begun a fight against what they see as a top-down imposition of globalist aims. Yemen is not a solitary flashpoint, as Hungary, India, Russia, and China all have leaders who have expressed opposition or defiance of the globalist order. Western Europe and even the U.S. have seen stirrings of nationalist awakenings and an embrace of historical identities. Even simple pick-up artists have joined the bandwagon. The nationalist vs. globalist fight is in full swing. The rejection of the bland, 21st century progressive empire is growing worldwide. The bad news is that the global elite have anticipated this decades in advanced. 

Let's hope that this battle does not end with the imposition of bland, corporate progressivism installed everywhere. We in the West have already seen what that does to people's souls. Go read it there!


PA said...

I read the Social Matter article, and saw your thesis as a tentatively upbeat one. I had anticipated a "bad news" conclusion instead.

In short, as I understand your article, the globalists had been flooding established nations with third world aliens to prevent a nationalist/democratic backlash to centralized globalization, but they hadn't anticipated the internet's role in further fragmenting Western countries, rather than uniting everyone as McWorld bovines, and creating an even bigger backlash.

Blogger "Mindweapons in Ragnarok" has made interesting comments about how Westerners had been the first ones hit with poz / poo platter, and we'll be the first ones to recover.


Alexandros HoMegas said...

"the globalists had been flooding established nations with third world aliens to prevent a nationalist/democratic backlash to centralized globalization"

Hey SOBL, how much do you know about the "father of the European Union" Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi? He wrote a book in the 1920s called 'Pratical Idealism' where he not only advocated the EU but also massive non-White immigration into Europe and race-mixing to create a race like the "ancient Egyptians" in his words, he also wrote that the Jews will be the ruling elite in this Brave New World, they're the world natural aristocracy.

Son of Brock Landers said...

PA - The globalists offer nothing up but empty hedonism and materialism. It is a hollow McWorld.

Alexandros - Yes, I know of that piece of shit. He was a mixed race eurasian himself and it guided his thinking. Horrible human.

Portlander said...

Shame on me for commenting prior to reading the article, but I'm not going to have time to read it until at least tomorrow evening. However, in agreement with "globalists offer nothing up but empty hedonism and materialism," and also riffing on most-influential-thing-you've-read-this-year, I'd draw folk's attention to:

Super-Welfare Guaranteed Income For All Isn't a Solution--It's Just the New Serfdom by Charles H. Smith. I wouldn't say it's greatly written (alas), but his point is a very important one, and greatly under-appreciated. Namely, that people derive their self-worth from meaningful work.

1) That should be an important consideration for anyone in the manosphere (or whatever's called these days).

2) If you don't doubt how important meaningful work is, look at those communities that have lost it. Most notoriously is the black working-class.

Some less sophisticated HBD-ers like to blame everything on IQ, but one thing unskilled immigrants have over African-Americans is access to meaningful work, at least as their community defines it. Think about that for a moment. The jobs themselves are largely the jobs African-Americans had in the 50's and 60's and prior. While things were far from great for the black community then, they didn't have anywhere near the social dysfunction that they have now. What's changed? Progs telling them for the last 40 years that a college degree and an upper middle-class job were the only ones worthy of their dignity. Well, by corollary, if they were not capable of getting an upper middle-class job, welfare was the only choice. It wasn't Yale or jail... it was Yale or welfare. The jail part is inevitable (logical conclusion to anyone but a Prog) result when welfare is the only option.

For MGTOW, choose wisely.

I'm not sure I could talk for 30 minutes on it, but that would be my offer. If given the offer, of course. :)

Anonymous said...

I read this years ago, not long after 9/11, and now, it looks like we are having a showdown.

Portlander said...

Sorry, probably won't read all 14 pages, but the money paragraph is on p2: the NGOs insisted that the United States ratify all major UN human rights treaties and drop legal reservations to treaties already ratified. For example, in 1994 the United States ratified the UN Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD), but attached reservations declaring that it did not accept treaty requirements “incompatible with the Constitution.” The official State Department reservations memorandum specifically notes that the CERD’s restrictions on free speech and freedom of assembly are incompatible with the First Amendment. Yet leading NGOs including the HRW and AI-U.S.A. demand that the United States drop all reservations and “comply” with the CERD treaty.

Sailer's post today isn't hyperbole. It's part of a decades-old master plan. Tactics and propaganda for it change with the times, but the plan itself remains the same since before Woodrow Wilson.