Monday, December 21, 2015

Social Matter - Desperately Seeking Susan Jobs

My weekly essay at Social Matter posted today, and it is about the media's hunt for the female Steve Jobs and what it makes them do.
Growing up, one hears the phrase “too good to be true.” While a child questions the warning or the concept, by teenage years, the lesson has been learned. It may take until adulthood to be fully understood, but the average person understands the illusion of the perfect story. Too good to be true often becomes a runaway hype train. Even after the story is proven to be a fraud or simply not as excellent as marketed, the media rarely explains why they fell for it. 

Please read it there. This tech firm she created looks like it might be a billion dollar fraud more than a world changing creation.


Anonymous said...

Did the jews snatched your planned article?

deconstructingleftism said...

Doesn't the legal duty of due diligence cover this? Before you invest money, at least other people's, are you supposed to make some effort to verify the business is real? I guess this probably doesn't cover some large part of the money, but it must cover at least some. This sounds like outright fraud, but we will see if it gets covered up.