Monday, December 07, 2015

Paris 11/13/15 Politicization

No time to mourn, no time to pray, no time to stop for them. The beauty of our interconnected world was that immediately people could see and track where things were happening. If you had loved ones in France, you could quickly check on them. This was not 9/11 nor the London subway bombings, nor even the Madrid train bombings. Sitting in front of your television or holding your phone and following the news was interruped by the court eunuch voices. The voices that spun this immediately.

Politicization of the event was going on before bodies were cold, forget buried. This was on both sides.

See tweet here, formatting is weird on this post.

Klein was responding to a tweet from an anti-immgiration and refugee politician. This threat was the fear that those blocking the migrant settlement in Europe and America were warning about. It took less than two months to become real. This was huge for them. It was an immediate knee-jerk reaction because this was what the Cassandras called for but were called xenophobic and racist. They were right.

Klein's tweet is the faux stupidity displayed when the Left's pundits want to frame something for their gain. Never does he consider just remove the problem population because the pressing matter is to get Western countries to lock into accepting hundreds of thousands or millions of "refugees" a piece. Keep the Narrative going. Sustain the train's momentum. Frame these migrants as victims. This is all in the face of 75% of "refugees" being men, and roughly 75% of the "refugees" not being Syrian. The war in Syria cannot be the reason for Sub-Saharan African and random Middle Eastern "refugees".

These were not the sickest of tweets. Klein did double down later, but the worst tweets were far more horrifying when you think of the minds behind them. Many tweets referenced how those evil racists were going to feel right or feel emboldened. The Left then made snarky jokes about how the evil white men and rednecks are worse terrorists and a bigger threat. The obsession with making everything about domestic politics was revealed. Attacks were ongoing in France, yet American progressives were obsessed how this would affect the immigration debate or support Trump's ideas.

This is what people have become. Part of this is the setting where now we are no longer babies like on 9/11 with little experience with terrorism nor government surveillance and structure in place to supposedly deal with this. We hardly knew the Muslim threat then. We know it now; some will deny reality while others may overblow fears. The game's rules are out there, so the shock is not as harsh for some. They will not take a moment to honor the dead, to think of the families destroyed and to simply feel sad for the horrific attack that was perfectly preventable. Listen to Trump; deport now.

Since Paris, America has been touched by this same instant politicization of a tragedy. The San Bernadino shootings were reported around 2:30pm. By 3pm, the voices on the Left were gloating about white male assailants. Bwahaha, would be a good summary of the tweets. Prepared mass shooting images and thoughts were tweeted, which then created the response by the pro-gun supporters. People have fallen into this trap. Leftists like the Vox crew were pushing gun control, mocking white men and snarking all afternoon as bodies were still warm and survivors rushed to the emergency room.

This is the soulless behavior of those obsessed with politics and point scoring. It also revealed the stupidity of journalism as none of those liberal journalists listened to the police scanner like an investigative journalist would have. That is not their function, as their function is pushing court propaganda. Twitter master troll "@Ricky_Vaughn99" put them to shame by listening, relaying information and tweeting the shooter's name as the progressives metaphorically masturbated to the idea of white male shooters. The shooters also happen to be Muslims. This caused the progressive line to immediately shift from har har white men to gun control now! Forget mourning.

The Left knows their insane import Muslims policies create these events but they cannot admit it. Therefore, their immediate objective is to smear the other side and shout "Not All Muslims Are Like That" and "Religion of Peace" through Facebook, Twitter and whatever means necessary to drown out the steady, sober statement of "We told you so". They cannot admit defeat, incompetence nor simply being incorrect. Their holding of power and policy in the face of such obvious flaws infects the minds of the right to immediately show how they are right and the left is wrong because the media will never ever give their policies a chance. The Left is a suicide cult. The Left is in control. The Left never wants to admit they are wrong. This process will repeat. They will never want to give the car keys up, so they will just turn the radio up louder and drive the BMW off the cliff.


paworldandtimes said...

The Left's anti-White noise has turned up drastically in the recent few years. Maybe since Trayvon. They've either gotten cocky or they're panicking, with Obama's second term coming to an end.

And this is related to the latter point: the dollar is getting strong again. Market's "buy low" moves, in anticipation of President Trump in 1/2017?


peterike said...

First, formatting is really whacked. There's text overlaying text and you can't read part of the post. That's on my computer. On cell phone it looked fine.

That said, yeah the anti-white-ism is really going haywire. And they are going batshit crazy over Trump's proposed ban on Muslims entering the country (perfectly sensible policy). One shitlib at New York Magazine went right for it:

But one can theoretically imagine the next Trump step: maybe expulsions of Muslims already here; maybe the compulsory wearing of yellow crescents; and maybe something worse we have yet to imagine.

There it is! It's the Shoa all over again.

I was trolling at NY Mag for a while. I was actually surprised by how much I got away with, but they finally banned me. I think for either pointing out the deliberate race mixing in "Jessica Jones" and how it's all created by Jews, or by pointing out that James Deen is Jewish. One of those things finally had them pull the plug on me. Sneaky too. They don't cancel your account. They just make your posts go into the dumpster, but YOU can see them, so you think they are getting through. It wasn't until I realized I wasn't getting any more outraged responses that I figured it out.

Anyway, they're stumbling over each other to see who can be the most anti-Trump. It's all pure status signalling, and it's all ultimately anti-white.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

In 2017 is possible we're going to see a US, France and Russia where the Presidents are Trump, Le Pen and Putin.

Le Pen is the most interesting because her Party is anti-EU and anti-NATO, she is pro-Russia.