Monday, December 21, 2015

My Best of 2015

Last year, I grabbed a couple of essays from each month and posted them here as my "Best of 2014". Today is the "Best of 2015" as I know I have picked up a bunch of new readers. These are separate from my Social Matter posts, which will be posted next week.


Deep City - An examination of the politics of NYC and how there is a Deep City that occasionally shows up to correct things. I trace the path of elite clean ups of NYC back to the La Guardia days right up through Rudy's tenure. Democracy always wins and muddies the water.

Stuck in Boomer Mode, Paglia Doesn't Get Gaga - Discussing why Paglia, one of the last honest cultural critics, doesn't get Gaga. It is a generational thing. Gaga represents a change in our culture and ourselves as we become a character "on" 24/7 through the evil of social media.

Romney, the Perfect 1996 Candidate - This was a bit of a backhanded compliment to Romney for how he fit a different time, but also analysis about how the '90s were far more important than the media treats them. Many of our current problems were born through decisions then.


How Progressives Swallowed the Democrats - This examines the steps that the progs took to take over the Democrat party. This discusses the money route, the cleaning up of the old city machines and the importing of voters as well as breaking the old Dixiecrat-Northern alliance. The coup's start was sending FDR to the White House.

The Orchestrated Attack on Russia Failed - In the aftermath of a failed march in Russia and failed color revolution, I discussed the media and financial ways that the USG system tried to attack Russia in the winter and how those efforts failed.


Hidden History: How America Created the Cuban Missile Crisis - Title explains it all.

Why Are Blacks Homeschooling? - Exactly why are blacks homeschooling, and why will the media not mention the reasons? The excuses cited are phony, and you see it is high income blacks doing it. There is also a quote where a black mom says Kansas is more diverse than San Diego. Stop laughing, I cited her quote word for word. Maybe we learn the real meaning of diverse.

Grantland Joins the Porn Normalization Push - ESPN's now defunct Grantland does a paint by numbers piece on the porn AVN weekend. It misses the major changes in porn and of course, frames porn as fun, cool and feminist. A female writer was used, which adds fuel to the "they're pushing it on women now" meme.

Carving an Exit Thede Union and Apply NYC Co-op Rules Elsewhere - These two essays are on how to separate from prog-land rules. Kind of wonky, but if we can carve an exit, it is worth looking over.


Nixon Saw What We See - Using his own words, this explains how Nixon understood the problem of the progressive USG system.

When Nixon Calls - I steal from Safire and type out a hypothetical conversation between Nixon and I with him calling from hell. We cover just about everything.

Where Successful Lean In Ladies End Up - Here is where those eager beaver Lean In types end up at the end of their career.

The Stay At Home Mom Advantage - Here I sell you on the benefits of your wife being a stay at home mom.


US of 2015 = Rome of 44BC or 440 AD - Which decline of Rome do we mirror? Is it the end of the republic or the empire?

Putin is the West's Creation - Title explains it, but how the West's moves made Putin rise. The USG system in the '90s laid the groundwork for his installation at the head of the Russian state.

Secession Would Allow For Renewed Group Rituals - Secession would allow smaller communities to forge identities rather than the watered down American identity. Having more things in common will allow for groups to strengthen.

HIV/AIDS, Gays and Reality - This essay runs through the numbers to explain how 20% of gay men have HIV/AIDS and all of the other things about gays and HIV that the media skips over.


Those Old, Effective and Competent Racists - Detailing how the whites of South Africa wrecked Boko Haram when blacks in Africa and the West did not do anything. Their crime is showing the multikulti stuff is garbage.

A Boomer Marriage of Convenience - A fictional portrayal of the Clinton marriage on some odd night.


Back to the Future and Nature vs. Nurture - A long review of BTTF and how dominant the "nurture can beat nature" narrative was in our culture in the '80s. Genetics research has destroyed that.

Hypothesis on Spreading Deviancy - Deviancy works its way down the socioeconomic ladder, not up.

City Girls Arent Carrie Bradshaw, They're Elaine - The single, childless women of major cities in America are just replicating Elaine from Seinfeld's character arc.

Annex Mexico and Get It Over With - If we will open our doors forever, just annex Mexico and formalize the relationship. This would be better for everyone compared to the sick, open borders policy of today.


The Nixon Post-Debate Phone Call - Nixon calls up after the first GOP debate to push Trump. We make fun of Jeb and his wife too.

Erickson, Buckley, Will, and Conservative Purging - This is on the repeated purges of the right of anyone impolite who dares to not play false opposition for the left.

The Maturation of Roosh - I recount how Roosh has grown up a bit. This is a little over 6 months after we mocked him for his SJW-styled purge of his forum.


#NRORevolt - Explaining the reason for our revolt from NRO's leadership of the false opposition. I hope the CIA checks still clear for NRO.

Haiti vs. Dominican Republic - Is It Just White Dads? - Is the different trajectory for the two nations on one island just more white dads in the Dominican past?

Fall Soros Watch - Recounting the machinations of George Soros and how Soros Watch could be a great feature for any news outlet.


A Hitler They Missed - The one figure the media would never compare to Hitler who hits more check marks for similarities compared to whatever boogeyman they want to call Hitler today.

How "The Morning After" Described 2015 - Long piece that discusses feminism and the false promises and bitter fruit of its work decades ago. I review Kate Roiphe's book and how she predicted 2015 25 years ago.

Delusions of American Women: Time Magazine's 1955 Perfect Body - Let's use Facebook Mom fantasies as a way to see how warped everything is in our culture, including our perception of the past.


When a Russian Mafia is not a Russian Mafia - I review Tom Friedman's book on the Russian Mafia and how it really isn't about Russians as much as it is about Jews.

Who Attacked Benghazi - I lay out who might have pulled it off and why does no one in our government care?

But How Right Will Houellebecq Be? - My hope that Houellebecq turns out to be wrong with his provocative book Submission as France comes to face the decades of Islamic immigration and fresh attacks.


When Boomers Did Christmas Movies: Scrooged - People really seemed to respond to this piece on Scrooged reflecting the empty Boomer crowd and that specific moment in the late '80s and Boomer mid-life crisis.

Paris 11/13/15 Politicization - In this piece I covered the immediate politicization of the Paris Attacks before they were even done. It is an indicator of how politicized everything has become, even immediate tragedy.

I have posted cultural pieces and reviews of the year like this one.

Thank you all for reading. I am humbled to see ideas from this little blog spreading and thankful for all of you who send me encouragement and ideas. I never really thought I'd go from 5 readers to what this is now. If I ever go soft, let me know. I don't want to betray myself. Hey, you're not bored by the schmaltz and still here! You know I will keep churning out pieces, recording podcasts and finding the pictures of WW1 that will hopefully educate and entertain you for 2016.


Suburban_elk said...

Looks like a good list. I appreciate such.

What i was trying to advise, was that comments will not take off on a blog unless they are 1) un-moderated and 2) side-barred. And two is not one hundred per cent necessary.

Anyone who writes wants to be read. And a blog host will be better read with more comments.

The other criticism is that this blog is two places at once. "Check out this post here and listen to it there." Yeah Sailer gets away with that but that's him.

The somewhat un-moderated blog is a sweet spot between a forum and an article.

Yeah advice is cheap but at least it's free.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Suburban elk,
I have to have moderated comments here is why:

I write about porn occasionally. When you write about porn, you get porn bot comments. I delete dozens a week over that. Some are just links and some are vile. I don't need that polluting my comment section. I also approve comments pretty quickly. As far as a comment sidebar, I don't know if I can do that with blogger. I'll look into it. I am not tech savvy, but I do get your point on commenter vanity.

I am cognizant of trying to have my speaking voice be clear, slow and calm. I dislike fast talkers who get hyped up. I will stop a recording and delete if I think I've run my mouth too fast. As far as posting in two places, I've done this for years. I used to write for Theden as well. Just live with it. If I post something here I get hundreds of hits maybe 1 or 2 thousand, if I post there, it's 1 or 2 thousand every single time. They host the podcast there and promote it.

Anonymous said...

I really like your blog SOBL.

Peter Blood said...

Your blog is on my "must reads" list. Keep up the great work.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

This is a great list and this has been a great website.

I may be naive but this is probably the first year where we are starting to see some pushback against the radicalizing PC forces. A lot of credit needs to be given to the online alt right scene and their ability to investigate matters that the mainstream media can't or won't do. So many things have fallen apart this year because of a small group of a few dozen people that calls out BS when they see it.

I hope this gains momentum, especially next year because if Trump wins the primaries then we will see far left hysteria like we've never seen it before. Sites like this will continue to grow in importance because the public is going to get tired of the "TRUMP = NAZI" narrative (I believe many are already) and these sites offer an oasis where people can remain informed but not have everything filtered through a far left social justice lens.

NZT said...

Great job in 2015, I can already see a bunch of classics in the list above. Thanks for all the work you put in, and Merry Christmas to you & yours!