Monday, December 28, 2015

My 2015 Social Matter Posts

This year I reached out to the team at Social Matter and they graciously accepted my Sunday columns for weekly posting there. I try to put my meatier stuff there, but as verbose as I can get, plenty of my posts here are long reads. Thanks to the kind words of encouragement from you readers, I decided to start up podcasts (thank you sponsors). I try not to shoulder too much of a load, but fortunately, the world is such a circus that I will always have ammunition. My hope is that I'll reveal the story behind the story, reality and that you won't find anything like it anywhere else.


Thailand: The Coup So Quiet You Could Hear A Pin Drop - See more at:
I kicked off Social Matter posts with an essay on the quiet aftermath of the Thailand coup. Proof of its success is in the silence of the West. I then covered another coup that was successful, but the social change is a more Islamic junta in power in Egypt as the Muhammad Window moves.


Four posts in June covered a wide variety of topics. In one on the reality of heroin addiction, I took the human interest story of one overdose and told you the reality behind the media's framing and whitewashing of the dead woman's tale. I then wrote on the long history of being the West's lackey of a politician from the old Soviet bloc. He hung out in Brooklyn between assignments doing USG's bidding. I wrote on the poly push that would follow the trans push, and within a week, we saw the mainstream media pushing poly everywhere. I wrapped up June with an essay on how progressive activists have reached a level where they are performance artists playing a scripted part.
Thailand: The Coup So Quiet You Could Hear A Pin Drop - See more at:
Thailand: The Coup So Quiet You Could Hear A Pin Drop - See more at:


Hey I managed to get a sports essay at SM. I discussed the collegiate system of sports crime and corruption. I tackled the curious case of Americans being against gay marriage but for gay civil unions and then switching to support gay marriage. Some of it was the media smearing marriage to sell you it for gays. I then wrote on the many curious connections between DC and the Sinaloa drug cartel. We picked a winner in their cartel wars and it is a dirty legacy for USG. Bringing my Hidden History series to SM, I wrote on how oil won WW2 for the allies.


Probably my favorite piece and the one I worked on the longest: The Structure and Genius of ISIS. Sunni Iraqis want sovereignty and figured out how to manipulate the players and situation to their advantage. I then wrote on the absurdity of America's devotion to Israel by using a slight change to statements from every major candidate for president. Before a summer vacation, I dropped a piece on how Trump is a demon of the system's design.


In September, I started off with a piece that has since been at Radix and at German website: Orban's Defiance. Why is he the only sane man in Europe? Look at what he did to take power. I pondered where #BlackLivesMatter will go. I also brought up how Syria gets a recycled plan that looks an awfully lot like decades old plans that Israel had for its neighbors. I wrapped up September with a Tales From Weimerica about how the media is angry that people are not sleeping with who progs want them to sleep with.


Aren't we all tired of the media calling anyone not in line "Hitler"? I tackled that ridiculousness. I then wrote on how to become a vassal of Uncle Sam's global system, you have to accept the pupu platter of progressivism. Sadly, I wrote on the fall from grace by Rand Paul, Icarus to the libertarians I know. Lastly, I used the first Democratic debate to discuss how Jim Webb and Bernie Sanders represent the ghosts of the Left.


I packed a lot into November. There was my plan for removing Saudi interest in Syria to reduce tension. I then tied all of the threads of finance and black removal to explain how Uncle Sam will move blacks to the suburbs. I followed that with more talk of our system, SCALE and scams in real estate. Discussing unspoken social welfare programs, I cited subtle underclass coddling. Lastly, I covered how the media avoids discussing how the Left and Big Biz are friends.


I finished the year with an essay on how the media will gladly hide the reasons for decline, even if it is in plain sight. Writing about the conflict of our time, I wrote on the elites anticipation of nationalism vs. globalism. I covered the Theranos debacle and how the media will never admit that they fell for it because Elizabeth Holmes was a woman in tech. Finally, I tackled the rough year for Christians and if they are turly ready to carry on the faith.

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