Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly Podcast

The gentlemen at Social Matter are hosting my weekly podcast. Go listen to it there. The idea is to tackle the absurd, the weird, and the themes and undertones to what we see in the news. Because this is Weimerica, there is usually a dark reason below the surface.
In this initial podcast, I introduce the idea of Weimerica, the Obamas and then discuss the odd focus on women's hair in the last 5 or so years and how it fits into the problems of our diverse Weimerica. I finish with a completely bizarro song that is high on pop charts and heavy in pop radio play right now. It is a little over 30 minutes.
Next week's podcast discusses infantilization of Americans, the obsession with youth culture and mouse utopias. Thank you Social Matter for graciously hosting this. Enjoy!

1 comment:

Bumbling American said...

Congratulations on a great inaugural episode. Intelligent riffing! Keep it up!