Sunday, November 15, 2015

Social Matter - The System, SCALE, and Scams

This week's Social Matter post discusses our system, SCALE, and scams. Housing became a gigantic playground for scammers due to the size of the market, centralization, automation and this is all SCALE.
Technology creates new problems that require new solutions. New technology then creates additions to the original problems that require more solutions. No one voted on being able to sign up for credit cards online, but it happened and identity theft took off. Consumers should be able to vote on this with their pocketbook, but there is one problem. Our government stopped caring about antitrust law, and we never really put in protections against oligopoly. Corporate consolidation meant fewer options, and a bad choice by a company for efficiency cannot be avoided. We are victims of scale. 

Please go read it there. I hope you enjoy, and yes, MPCers, this is a tip of the hat to your concept. Our conflict of globalization forces vs. nationalism or tribalism involves SCALE, and it is an unnatural state for mankind.

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