Sunday, November 08, 2015

Social Matter - How Uncle Sam Will Move Blacks To The Burbs

My latest piece at Social Matter is an essay on how Uncle Sam is going to move inner city blacks to this suburbs. This is a sneaky way they can do it that satisfies multiple big interests. Blacks are just a conduit.
Each new evil that bubbles up from DC rarely is released to the rest of America at the same speed. This summer’s announcement to radically transform the suburbs by the federal government has been hushed up fairly well. Steve Sailer has spent post after post discussing it, but rarely does a pundit mention this plan. The progressive media cannot mention it because it might spark a Boston Busing Riot. The Right has not figured out how to make it fit their political pitch, if they even want to make it fit. The thing no one really discusses is how this would be implemented.

Just yesterday, Steve Sailer linked to a cops not reflecting the blackness of a town article to say that the negro removal project of 2015 was proceeding as planned. I disagree 100% with his take on it. That NY Times article, if you read what they are discussing, seems more focused on the problematic aspects of local police departments not resembling the demographics of their municipality. This seems an article designed to be part of the "Progressive Push to Place All Police Departments Under Federal Control". 

The city cited in the NY Times article, Inkster, Michigan, is not nowheresville. Look at a map. It is within the 275 beltway around the Detroit metropolitan area and is 25 minutes from downtown Detroit. It is already 75% black. Steve has done a great job being the only thinker paying attention to the Section 8 to the Suburbs coming conflict and the inequality BS that Raj "Brimful of Asha" Chetty is pushing that Clinton will enact. He just isn't connecting the dots to see just how easily the progressives will pull this off and without any fuss unlike busing integration forty years ago. I don't think he is cynical enough or willing to take that next step that the Harvard to DC corridor should be bulldozed and the earth salted.

For commenter PA and others, yes, regular folks have to see the Feds as the aggressor and an enemy. The more and quicker people catch on, the better.

Once again, go read the black expulsion and dispersion method over at Social Matter.


Alexandros HoMegas said...

Its there is going to be a backlash? Maybe Trump popularity is the backlash.

Anonymous said...

To quote The Z Man: "Laws limiting free association were intended to eliminate the organic structures that naturally oppose authoritarianism. It’s why the Founders made freedom of association the first item in the Bill of Rights. It’s why Progressives have been making war on it for close to a century."