Sunday, November 22, 2015

Social Matter - Hidden, Subtle Underclass Coddling

Today at Social Matter I write about the underclass coddling across America and a particular sneaky program that enables the underclass to live comfortably while not helping you.
One of the greatest misconceptions among liberals and normal folk is how poor people manage to live. How do they have kids? How do they exist? Oh gosh, how do they even live? You’re well aware of the the exasperated tone used when considering the plight of the poor. The progressives have set up a jobs machine for themselves that creates a situation in which we socialize the losses for every dysfunctional decision a person can make. We have divorced consequences from actions, resulting in disastrous cultural results.

Please go read it there. You will shake your head at the lengths the progressives go to make sure our underclass does not have to endure the consequences of their bad decisions.

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Glengarry said...

Take a look at Manhattan Contrarian for more on the topic. For instance:

"The government "antipoverty" programs are specifically and intentionally designed to make absolutely sure that nobody who takes the handouts ever escapes from poverty. Far and away most of the government handouts are either post-tax or in-kind rather than cash (examples: food stamps, public housing, Medicaid, EITC, clothing and energy assistance). The official definition of "poverty" excludes all post-tax and in-kind benefits. Then there are benefits distributed in cash, notably TANF and SSI. These things count in the definition of "poverty," but the level of the handouts is very specifically and precisely set to be sure that it is always just below any applicable poverty thresholds."