Sunday, November 29, 2015

Social Matter - Enabling The Left's Economic Lies

Today's essay at Social Matter is Enabling the Left's Economic Lies. It is hard for the media to cover up for the obvious, but they will do so as long as they suffer no consequences.

What is unwritten in a New York Times article is always the real story.
What they write is what they want to show you–with the goal of stirring up anger.
Even NY Times readers have been rebelling in comments sections. The NY Times’ effect on the public debate is not always political, but it can reveal the motivations behind their bias. This summer, the NY Times became angry with airline profits and mark ups.
This is a bit topical as one GOP candidate, Ted Cruz, has recently stated how Big Biz and Big Government go hand in hand. This slight deviation from the right's slavish devotion to Big Biz is newsworthy. Big Biz all celebrated the gay marriage SCOTUS ruling. Big Biz loves poz. They are no friend to traditionalism.

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