Sunday, November 01, 2015

Social Matter - Reducing Interests and Tension in Syria

My new post is up at Social Matter on how to remove the Gulf kindgoms' interest in Syria. Remove their interests, and the USG system has one fewer voice in their ear whispering for war.
As Russia bombs Syrian rebels and leaves the American strategy of toppling Assad in shambles, many wonder how Uncle Sam is going to respond. But focusing too much on ‘America’ and how it will respond may give rise to the false belief that America responds as one monolith. How or why America would intervene deeper in Syria is of much more importance now because of the increasing and direct Russian and Iranian presence in Syria. Those outside the American War Party bloc do not want to see a civil war grow into a regional war and then a global war. There are openings to appeal to the interests that use American military power and drive our foreign policy to seek another route, instead of responding with fire.

The key is to defuse a situation from blowing up bigger and bigger. No one but the sickest of humans wants a global war over a scrap of the Levant. I hope you enjoy it.

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