Wednesday, November 04, 2015

New Podcast With 2Kevins

The 2Kevins reached out to me to appear on their podcast. You can listen to it here. I made sure to speak slowly and clearly, as personally, I hate fast talkers on podcasts because I'm like, "Wait, what did he say?". We chat about some things near and dear to our crowd. Anonymity, purging, Trump-trolls-circus election and  Weimerica. If this Trump thing has done anything, it has brought together some elements of the right that are not neocon and that have been frozen out by the neocon network for decades now. It would be wise to make friends with the paleocons they pushed out and the elements of the right that never "played ball".

One thing that recently dawned on me about the rerun that the progs always seem to play when in power is how prisoner rights, gays and trannies are again at the forefront. This was also at the vanguard in the '60s and '70s. Hollywood always helps, and back then it helped as well. Al Pacino starred in two different films that had sympathetic portrayals of trans people and prisoners. And Justice For All and Dog Day Afternoon both had sympathetic trans characters who were sad, vulnerable people who needed help. They also gave you crooks to weep over. Glee might be annoying, but it isn't the first Hollywood production telling you that they are Just Like Us. To the progs, the fringe of society must have their day no matter how depraved, evil or broken they are.

Please review "The New Blacklist" for the people purged from polite society or their jobs. If you know of any missed individual, send the information to the Hestia crew.


Anonymous said...

Great interview. Should have been longer. Do more podcasts plz

Son of Brock Landers said...

Thanks Anon. We'll see where this goes. I think there are other people who are building up podcasting capabilities.

jumpinjackfash said...

They used your real name (I think) on their website. I dont know if this concerns you, but if it does, I wanted to bring that to your attention.

Also, more Nixon phone calls from hell please!!

Son of Brock Landers said...

Ryan Landry is my pen name.

Nixon calls from Hell have to be spaced out. This way they last 3000 words, cover a lotof ground and YOU look forward to them rather than get annoyed by them. Nixon will call again. He has to as the Trump Odyssey continues

PA said...

Nixon doesn't just call you. He also comments extensively at Heartiste. He uses the screen name "Captain Obvious" and a few variations on that name.

PA said...

PA: thanks for the blog shoutout on Twitter. I'm not on Twitter myself, but I've followed yours and a few others' online for a few weeks now.

Scott's Bluff said...

What a pleasant show. Very smooth and easy going with steady transitions from topic to topic. Out of the blue observation here: I believe podcasting has reverted back to just a recorded conversation. In the fresh days of podcasting, after Apple turned the switch on in iTunes (2005) and officially signal boosted the medium of talking on the internet, some people attempted to recreate shows in the mold of morning zoo radio to bring a little more life to the naturally amateurish programming you would listen to, although without stiltedly unconnected sound drops (we all know who I’m talking about). There weren’t many people who put creative effort into podcasting, but the few who did normally followed that model and produced shows that could capture a more natural conversational style, much more practical repartee and riffing, and pulled in an audience almost entirely from the youth cohort (high school kids on the Internet), in turn building nice little communities. If you’ve ever watched early Red Eye shows from FOX NEWS, you can see the same qualities on full display episode after episode.

It’s during the early stage of a new creative medium or program – when the gears running the thing are amateurish and not weighed down by inedible sclerosis (SCALE) – that you find intimate content being produced, and thus better in some ways.

Anyway, I came to glean from these shows, by hearing endless hours of conversation on all manner of topics, that Gen-Xers may had been the last people to experience community in a purely physical sense, whereas the Millennial generation experienced community more expressly in cyberspace (*raises hand*). Normally these communities surrounded the hobby of gaming and were headed by Gen-X gamers themselves, playing out the naturally occurring habit of men to mentor boys.

One more point about podcasting today. The technology in headset microphones today produces less attractive voices because it seems to extract out the bass within a man’s voice. It’s bizarre really; old crappy microphones record audio at lower bit-rates (or maybe just the old software that was used) but at least those old cheap headsets put out a faithful amount of bass to your average man’s voice, normally because they were cheap. New mics have this noise-cancelling crap that tries to sanitize voice-recording and block out background noise.

Oh last point you sound like Roosh. Not a bad thing, but the cadence in your voice at points is exactly like Roosh’s voice. The deliberate slowing and steadying of your speech. Also when you gasp in exasperation, which happened a few times, you sound like Le Autiste from The Daily Shoah segment.

Bumbling American said...

Terrific podcast. Intelligent discussion, excellent presentation of the Weimerica idea (which deserves much wider traction) and lots of good takeaway lines (in particular one of the Kevin's lines about how when sex is separated from procreation, "children become art objects and sex becomes an athletic contest").

Son of Brock Landers said...

Scotts Bluff - When I gasp in exasperation, I am mocking those fags on the Left