Friday, November 06, 2015

Last Week's SM Post, Preview This Week's 21

Last week I wrote about a way to remove an interest in intervening in Syria. It would be a nice way to boost Egypt while giving the Saudis a pipeline to the Mediterranean. Maybe we can buy them off. Maybe we can just nuke the Middle East until it's solid glass.

This week I will offer a prediction for how the Federal government will push blacks to the suburbs. The talk of the HUD "Section 8 to the burbs" plan has died off. If you look at public housing, we're talking about blacks, especially public housing in prime metro real estate locations. They can't just throw up apartment buildings, and they can't just build new public housing. There is a sneaky, underhanded way that they can do this. Wall Street will be their friend here. >Published at Social Matter now here<


As Russia bombs Syrian rebels and leaves the American strategy of toppling Assad in shambles, many wonder how Uncle Sam is going to respond. Focusing on America and how it will respond is a false belief that America responds as one monolith. How or why America would intervene deeper in Syria is of much more importance now because of the increased and direct Russian and Iranian presence in Syria. Those outside the American War Party bloc do not want to see a civil war grow into a regional war and then a global war. There are openings to appeal to the interests that use American military power and drive our foreign policy to seek another route and not respond with force.

Not just another route in Syria but another route for natural gas. The main drivers behind American meddling in Syria are progressives exporting democracy, military industrial equipment and munitions vendors, pro-Israel Oded Yinon plan implementers, and Gulf kingdoms wanting a pipeline through Syria to European markets. Russia is making a mockery of the American strategy and phony war against ISIS begun last year. How can the combined forces that want Assad gone be persuaded to change their minds? The progs can shift their attention elsewhere because they are a machine looking for more nations to wreck, and the MI complex recently received a bone in the extension to the American presence in Afghanistan. Israel will not budge, but there is a way to pluck off the Gulf kingdoms for their elusive pipeline dream.

There was a super giant gas field discovery in Egypt that is double the large discovery that Israel previously announced. From the Forbes article, some insight into what this means.
For Egypt, the successful development of the field would put them on track to join in on a burgeoning energy production push in the Eastern Mediterranean, previously led by Israel and, to some degree, Cyprus. Further, the field would play a significant role in supporting Cairo’s efforts to increase domestic energy production to meet surging domestic demand.

In recent years, Egypt has faced substantial challenges to meeting its energy needs as political and financial instability have threatened local production and made it difficult to afford costly imports without accruing large foreign debts. While small discoveries have provided Cairo with some momentum towards attracting the interest and investment necessary to move towards its energy goals, a discovery of this stature could be the key to overcoming any doubt among potential investors.

Here is a win-win for just about everyone. Egypt needs stability. No one wants to see the largest Arab nation with a hungry and angry population descend into chaos. Egypt was steadily collapsing as it experienced its short lived democracy. The junta removed the democratic tumor, and subsequently, enforced its will to show the Muslim Brotherhood that it meant business. With the Brussels elite opening the doors to migrants, a nation of 80 million slipping into chaos would send millions more to Europe. Helping Egypt becomes an important issue for Europe.

No news from Egypt is good news, but to help stabilize Egypt for the long term, economic development is needed. If they can export gas, they can earn foreign currency and feed their population. This is not that different from what Lord Cromer did in Egypt by investing in their irrigation systems and water management. British engineers and some capital invigorated their cotton production for export. The British created a miracle in the desert by harnessing the Nile waters. Those efforts turned their economy around, paid off their debts and caused the nation to bloom. With an entirely different commodity, some foreign engineering and investment can repeat this process in Egypt.

If Egypt does have such a large and economically viable gas field off its coast, then they join many in the eastern Mediterranean in natgas discoveries in recent years. To help cement development in Egyptian gas fields, building a pipeline from the Gulf across the desert to Egypt would make sense and remove the Gulf kingdoms' desire for a pipeline through Syria. A pipeline would have Egypt as a central location, but then could hook up via a sub-sea pipeline to the other fields that are being discovered off the shores of Israel, Cyprus and Greece and eventually feed into Europe. If you laugh at such a long sub-sea pipeline, it would be shorter than the current Norway-England subsea pipeline. This only needs the will, the engineering and the proper allocation of capital.

This does not remove Assad from power, but if the Gulf kingdoms have a new avenue for their natgas exports to reach Europe, they can be cajoled into dropping support for rebels. Their interest is taken care of, and it strengthens the military junta in Egypt that the Saudis currently support. At some point, the Saudis should notice the changing attitudes in DC and be concerned about their autocratic rule. Active war zones are avoided, and ISIS is nowhere near the middle of the Arabian deserts. It will still burn to see the Iranian ally still in power in Syria, but the euros piling up due to EU gas markets will placate a Saudi kingdom that is facing a money crunch due to low oil prices. These foreign nations often use economics to persuade the USG leviathan to act the way they want it to, so why not turn the tables on them?

If the USG interest in Syria is a stool with supporting legs, this removes a leg. The American military and people voiced their reluctance at intervening in Syria in 2013, so the domestic marketing is not there. Without a Saudi/Qatari benefit, it just leaves Israeli interests persuading the US military down a path towards possible confrontation and problems with Russia and Iran. One less voice whispering in Uncle Sam's ear. America would disengage. American disengagement from the Middle East is going to force many of these foreign interests to re-assess their interactions with the USG system. Our policy should be to help them see this light and act in ways that are conducive to building safe, orderly neighbors.


Portlander said...

I think a NAM invasion of the suburbs would be the end of the end of any conservative hope for the nation.

Whether you call it Affordable Family Formation or simply population density, more people means more government, means more liberalism. (Why Dems can recognize this simple fact and Reps can't is incredibly depressing.) So, move whites to the cities and blacks to the suburbs, what is going to happen? Cities won't change their politics, the density guarantees they stay liberal. Suburbs will change their as blacks vote their pocket books, not to mention they increase density, blight, and the need for government authority everywhere they go.

Remaining, truly conservative whites will be in thinly populated economic wastelands eaking out a hard-scrabble subsistence living.

peterike said...

Remaining, truly conservative whites will be in thinly populated economic wastelands eaking out a hard-scrabble subsistence living.

That's the part of the plan you're not supposed to notice.

Son of Brock Landers said...

The goal is a fragmented, weak mass with the elite entrenched in power and never fearing a challenge. It would be like South Korea on top of Brazil. Brazilification is the term, but our problem is the elite teach minos to hate the US, so this will likely backfire. If there is no middle class or savvy, unified kernel to challenge the elite, our nation resembles the 3rd world. I firmly believe that after WW2, when the US was now the global empire, the exposure to the 3rd world showed the elite how they could set up a nation and secure themselves indefinitely.

Portlander said...

after WW2, when the US was now the global empire, the exposure to the 3rd world showed the elite how they could set up a nation and secure themselves indefinitely

I don't think that explains it. It doesn't explain Great Britain, which had experience with, and indeed, set-up for themselves for 100+ years that model. It doesn't explain Canada or Oz, which were not global, and had no aspirations for being, empires.

Across the entire Anglo-sphere, and now among all of Europe outside of those that have escaped totalitarianism in living memory, there seems to be an ethnic death-cult among the elite.

I find it incredible so many can be so baldly subverted against what they clearly wish. Immigration polls horribly, always has, but these ostensibly democratic leaders don't give a damn, ram through naked population replacement and nothing happens. They aren't immediately thrown out on their ear, nor even at the next election. It is incredible and defies any explanation outside of fevered conspiracy theory.

Anonymous said...

Its interesting you mention South Korea, that country is run by Hyundai and Samsung, too bad Brazil only has Embraer.

PA said...

I just read your Social Matter article on moving blacks to the suburbs.

Is there any reason why Whites should stop short of considering their government a mortal enemy who engages in open warfare against us?