Thursday, October 15, 2015

Zeppelin Raids

This is not from the "Blitz". The photo above is taken after the October 14th, 1915 raid on London. Yes, London was bombed in World War One. It was bombed by Zeppelins. This one killed dozens of civilians. Interestingly enough, the Germans stopped the Zeppelin bombing. They would not bomb London again until they built their bombers and deployed them much later in the war. Zeppelins were not just used for random bombings but were for recon and troop formation spotting. Opponents would send fighter planes to then take them out, forcing zeppelin defender wings on the German side. 

Zeppelins were not the blimps we see over sports arenas today. Zeppelins were much larger (double the length). It is not just nostalgia talking, but I'd love to see the return of zeppelins. For all the SWPL love of rail travel, why not travel in something of comparable speed (80 mph) but far more luxury as you are in the skies. The slow speed also removes terrorist "planes as missiles" risk. When the US breaks up, can one regional bloc that forms create a Zeppelin network? Midwestopia or Dixie, can you do this? I'll take this over a plane any day.


Suburban_elk said...

But the zeppelins themselves would be easy targets.

In the picture the guys in the row are looking at the camera as if in a formal picture. The guy fourth or fifth from the left (in that row) looks to be smiling - how very dashing! And the two cops have that dickfor cop look already - “what are you doing taking pictures?” does the one on the right have a Hitler mustache? well at least he has that.

The WTC, all three of them, collapsed in a manner consistent with controlled demolition. The aeronautics for the Pentagon strike are as likely as Hinkley’s bullet.

PA said...

I propose the following mode of transport: a passenger rocket is magnetically launched into the air with trajectory for city of destination. Once launched, booster rockets or jet engines take over to complete the delivery of payload. Parachutes deploy over destination for gentle descent.

The double-launch is for for fuel efficiency and provides a staged takeoff to mitigate the G forces to which the passengers will be subjected.

And yeah, no fucking way did two airplanes vaporize three modern skyscrapers.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see small rotating blimps -the size of parachutes- used for personal transport.

'no fucking way did two airplanes vaporize three modern skyscrapers'
I don't know what I'm talking about, but I'll throw in some innertube poddy-mouthing and people will be impressed.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

I think there was a idea of using zeppelins as aircraft carriers for the Air Force.

peterike said...

The notion of returning to airships for luxury transport was taken on at length in the cartoon comedy "Archer," in the "Skytanic" episode. Blimps did not fare well.