Thursday, October 29, 2015

WW1: British Propaganda

The quaint country town
When athletes fought  

I love recruiting propaganda posters. They are of course biased, but that it the point. I love them for how they punch holes through modern attempts to retcon the past. Were they fighting for gays, trannies, and open borders? No. They were told it was for their idealized little town.


Toddy Cat said...

And of course, the irony is that the modern multi-kulti left has destroyed that way of life far more effectively than the Kaiser's Germans could have, even had they wanted to (which they didn't). And all without a shot being fired. It was a strange century, wasn't it?

Dave said...

This explains why the British are such pussies today. All the real men enlisted and most got killed, so today's Brits are descended from cowards.

Maybe the next great empire should freeze its soldiers' sperm, and after winning a war, require each fertile woman to bear one child of a dead war hero, with the men judged to have killed the most enemy having the most children. Her husband might not be thrilled with that, but at least he has the pleasure of being alive in an unconquered land.