Thursday, October 08, 2015

The Invasion of Serbia, October of 1915

It was a dark time for the Entente. Despite Italy's entry into the war on the Entente's side, it was not going well. Russia had retreated roughly the width of Poland, the Dardanelles was a disaster, and despite the Austrian troops deserting en masse, the Germans were kicking ass everywhere in the eastern and southern fronts. The Germans began their invasion of Serbia on October 5th, 1915. The Serbs would fight valiantly, but they would be defeated by Von Mackensen's men. Von Mackensen would erect a monument to their valiant defense of their homeland. These men were the instigators if you will of the horrors that filled the Great War, but any student of that era knows, it was bound to start somewhere, time and place were the only variables.

Serbian troops outnumbered 10 to 1

King of Serbia to the right, PM to the left

Serbs preparing the defense

Revenge for Franz Ferdinand

Serbian artillery


The Social Pathologist said...

I think you need to brush up a bit on your history. Google is your friend, and try searching for "the Black Hand" movement in Serbia. This wasn't some little country invaded by Austria unnecessarily, it was actively fermenting discord in the region in order to create a Greater Serbia. The war in the 1990's was a continuation of this group's policies.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Oh no, I from the Black Hand were dicks and hooked up to the Serbian state. They were one of the violent breakaway groups within the austrohungarian empire