Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tales From Weimerica: Tween Halloween Hookers

Weimerica is a cornucopia of degeneracy. There is something for everyone. The pedo push has really taken off, with a new essay saying pedos are not bad people. Think they would feel the same about racists, "Hey, he may be a racist but he hasn't killed any blacks over their skin color, so he is a good person"? God no, you're a horrible person for even noticing the slightest difference between groups. I'm not going to waste my time with the pedo debate, but let's make sure pedos aren't tempted. What we should do for pedos is not put pedo bait out for them. Unfortunately, the sex positive psychopaths of feminism and progressivism want you to encourage, enable and support your daughter by having her dress in a sexy costume for Halloween. Not your 18 year old daughter, but your tween daughter.

Tweens, those 9-12 year olds who are not yet teens are now the subject of "to whore or not to whore" Halloween costume debates. The gospel of progs itself, the New York Times, supports whoring them out. The NY Times and Yahoo both pushed empowering your daughters to dress sexy for Halloween. These parenting advice essays read like Gender Studies claptrap because they are recycled gender studies or human sexuality 240 lectures. This sexualizes children. Not just teenagers who might have adult looking bodies, but tweens. Tweens are adolescents that are not teenagers. What ten year old needs to dress like a sexy cat or nurse for Halloween? None, absolutely zero. Not everything needs to be sexualized. You know who doesn't support this? Cosmopolitan. Cosmo said no with some good ideas like not training our daughters to be future sex workers. Cosmo sounds reasonable. Cosmo, "50 Ways To Be Freaky In Bed", said enough.

This is a sexualization of children but this is a secondary effect of American culture sexualizing everything and the infantilization of American adults. Halloween has become an adult thing. Young adults do no grow up and keep on dressing up. This is simple kids fun that adults cannot let go of, and sadly, the whoring of American women is turned to "11" on Halloween. The "sexy ____" costume has been a staple for years now, and seems to be a marketing and cheap clothing retailer idea sprung from seeing millions of women go as sexy, Catholic school girls for Halloween 15 years ago. The Whore Off that Halloween has become was eventually going to inspire younger and younger groups to ape the adults in order to see more adult.

This confrontation was bound to happen. Our mission as adults was and is to say, "No, some things are for when you are older". Our mission was and is to tell young adults to put things away as those are kiddie pursuits. Those were default reactions when we split culture and society up well by age. There is a time and a place for everything. This works. We abandoned it. The problem group is the easily persuaded who will read these garbage essays and whore out their tween and teen daughters. We have destroyed the split between child and adult, creating a weird 20 year period of sex obsessed manchildren and nymphettes. They hit age thirty shells of what prior generations were at thirty for life history and accomplishments. It is up to you to say no.

This is Weimerica. Sexualize everything. Including your kids. Come on, your kids can consent to sex. You know this. Why else did the media spend years telling you that they could legally consent and make the decision about what gender they are. If a kid can legally make the life altering decision to change the very core of what they are, their gender, then they have the adequate mental faculties to consent to sex with an adult. It's liberal logic! Don't fret about serious stuff; just go get laid. Don't think about tomorrow, just focus on tonight. Tonight, what better thing is there to focus all of your energy on finding a sex partner that boosts your status in your social circle? It's the Weimerican Way!


R. Wilbur said...

Did you see the NRO thinkpiece on the natural conservatism of tween transgender boys who prefer to dress as modest, classic princesses for Halloween? Or was that just in my head?

R. Wilbur said...

Or do I mean transgender girls? Which way does that go?

Alexandros HoMegas said...

Halloween wasn't such a big deal until the 90s.

Anonymous said...

I was proud to get my kids the "teen wino" outfits. So precocious!

Toddy Cat said...

"Did you see the NRO thinkpiece on the natural conservatism of tween transgender boys who prefer to dress as modest, classic princesses for Halloween? Or was that just in my head?"

If it was just in your head, it won't be for long. Charles Cooke is probably typing even as we speak. And yes, Halloween has grown exponentially as a "holiday" in the last thirty years or so. It used to be totally a little kids day, where you would put out a jack-o-lantern on Halloween evening, and kids would come by in laughably bad costumes and get candy. That was it. I remember how weird I thought it was to see people putting out Halloween decorations days or weeks in advance. And yeah, Alexandros, I think that the first time I saw this was in the early 90's.