Sunday, October 11, 2015

Social Matter - Uncle Sam's Progressive Pu-pu Platter

Check out today's essay on Social Matter. It is about the terrible diet that the USG system places any client on as long as they are part of the empire.

When discussing the force-feeding of progressive beliefs on foreign nations in the U.S. empire, I have used the term progressive buffet. That is incorrect. A buffet implies that a nation can sample from the different options available. There is no selection. There is no option. It is not a choice. There is a better term. 

I try to be light hearted at times, and this one was a fun one to write. I hope you enjoy!


PA said...

In my elementary school on the east side of the Iron Curtain in the 1970s, we had pep rally type of events in school, in which we were told that for the first time in our history, we are surrounded by friendly states (East Germany, Czechoslovakia and the USSR) and that the fortified western border between DDR and FRG is there to protect us from Western aggression.

As a child of active dissidents and in-the-know on the Katyn Atrocity, I secretly rolled my eyes.

Today, I know that there was unintended wisdom behind my well-vetted school, politically correct elementary school principal's words.

From the heart: I sincerely miss that era. In that communist country, I had the best childhood any parent could hope for. Thank God for YouTube feeding my occasional nostalgia kicks.

Dina Strange said...

Whatever is practiced in US and called feminism is anything but. It's disgusting.