Sunday, October 18, 2015

Social Matter - Rand Paul, Icarus and You

My newest up at Social Matter is on the most spectacular crash on the GOP side. Spectacular not for the money involved but the crushing of any true believers on that libertarian, conservatarian, still wants to vote harder right-ish wing. Senator Rand Paul, Icarus.

“I warn you to travel in the middle course, Icarus, if too low the waves may weigh down your wings, if you fly too high the fires will scorch your wings. Stay between both.” – OvidDaedalus and Icarus  
It was a fun moment. Rand Paul announced he would seek the Republican nomination for the open Senate seat in Kentucky. Dad was gone, but the Paul legacy would live on! It could even be better in a younger, more telegenic package with better public speaking skills. Paul went from fringe underdog to runaway winner. It was not just that, but he was making it look like fun. Whether you were a libertarian or just a cynic, it felt like someone who understood the corrupt DC creature was going to be in DC itself. Many people got lost in the outsider marketing and forgot that besides those money-bombs, he received a healthy dollop of RNSC money.
You knew this post was coming. You wanted to believe in Rand, you really did, but we will have to junk the barrel not the apples.

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