Sunday, October 25, 2015

Social Matter - Jim Webb, Bernie Sanders and Ghosts of Democrats Past

This week at Social Matter I tackle the disappearing history of the Left in "Jim Webb. Bernie Sanders and Ghosts of Democrats Past".

Creepy. That was the post-debate word to describe former Senator Jim Webb’s performance in the Democratic Party’s presidential debate. His story about his wartime experience and killing a man was creepy to the left’s viewership. His stories barely drew applause or any positive reaction. Webb looked lost and sounded as if he didn’t belong. This was not because he was an old white man, as the stage was all white and multiple candidates were over Social Security’s full retirement age. The party had left him behind. It has left what he represented behind. Webb’s creepy, stranger-in-a-strange-land and lost performance–fits perfectly. He was a ghost of the Democrats’ past.

Now maybe you hate the Democrats, and maybe you don't. I dislike the progressives, and I come from a family where one side is full of old school New Deal Democrats. Union guys, veterans of every war, mill workers, ethnic whites and the small guys who made up the foot soldiers. The betrayal of those citizens burns me to my core.

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Bumbling American said...

Terrific piece. The Democratic party jettisoning the white working class is one of the basic political shifts of our time, yet gets very little mainstream airing (in large part because the Dems use minority handouts as a fig leaf).