Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Smearing Soda Like Tobacco

The NY Times has an interesting article on the decline of soda. Soda is in the middle of a long decline. The decline started in the late '90s with an acceleration after 2005. The article itself has prog slanting as one would expect from the Times, but it also helps us understand the advertising of soda and what it may eventually be associated with. Soda is becoming an increasingly underclass beverage with a heavy non-Asian minority make up. Soda could end up forever legal but socially forced into a consumer ghetto.

We do live in a society that never wants to grant agency to citizens that exhibit dysfunctional behavior. It is the gun. It is the other person. It is a magazine cover. It is soda. Soda is liquid candy, and should be viewed as such. It is a treat. No one ever claimed it was part of a healthy diet. Americans just drank it because it tastes great. Go months without soda and then sip a Coca-Cola. It is awesome. Americans never know when to stop, so we drank too much. Our obesity epidemic has Leftists looking for scapegoats. Sugar is the main one they are targeting and soda is a convenient and easy to discard villain.

The article never really discusses why soda consumption has dropped for fifteen years but obesity rates have continued to climb. The article cites children drink 79 fewer sugar sweetened beverage calories a day, which sounds impressive, until you realize that is half of a can of Coca-Cola (6 ounces). The article repeatedly points out how soda taxes failed but the debate has created a stigma with soda drinking. Yeah, we can make a simple order of a drink socially unacceptable! They refuse to see how Stalinist they look with every move.

The secret tucked away though is how whites have abandoned soda consumption. Looking at the charts of beverage consumption, seems they just substituted water for soda. Comedy is seeing the article site juice consumption as a positive instead of soda when they contain the same amount of sugar. Even the academics note the racial divide.
The subtitle reflects her view that “Big Soda” is an enemy to be vanquished, and that the industry is already losing ground to its public health foes. Though the sharpest declines are happening among richer, white populations, Ms. Nestle said she expected that poor and minority customers would also reduce their soda intake over time, just as tobacco declines occurred first among educated consumers and then spread to a larger population.
Are we so sure this will happen? Define richer please since that term could mean $1K more in income or $100K. I only ask as blacks still smoke more than whites and Hispanics by a measurable margin. Smoking is now seen as a lower class habit, and soda may become the same.

If anything, the consumer make up of soda referenced in this article explains the oddly colorful advertising approach by soda makers. Coca-cola had a Super Bowl ad that was poz-itively diverse about America, but think of their target market? Soda consumption skews non-Asian minority. That is who they are reaching. It is akin to the "" paid Twitter anti-smoking campaign #BigTobaccoBeLike. Why the hell would they use ebonics and a Black Twitter styled hashtag campaign? Blacks are overrepresented in both the smoking population and Twitter users. Shhhh, but why do you think McDonald's advertisements always star blacks unless it is an ad about breakfast? Ba-da-ba-da-daaaaaa, whites only go there for breakfast on their way to work while blacks use their EBT there for other meals!

While I do not drink caffeinated soda, I do see the argument they have. Go after cake, cookie and dessert makers too. Taking it one step further, we have the Left and advocacy groups (looking for a paycheck) pushing reform because our underclass cannot control themselves and we desperately want a silver bullet for our obesity problem. "It's not you and your problems. It's the soda's fault!" I can ride along with Child Protective Services and count how many homes with babies have bottles or sippy cups filled with Mountain Dew or Coca-Cola. They know it is not good for a baby to consume, but they still give it to them. They are lazy, not uninformed. They don't care and cannot see beyond next Tuesday.

If this all sounds familiar, it is the standard procedure for any dysfunctional behavior in America. Our underclass, heavily NAM, misbehaves. Prog whites call for action and campaigns directed at all because it is a sin to notice patterns of behavior vary between groups. A backlash, led by whites, begins with "it's just self-control... personal failings... personal responsibility". The backlash loses, we get a policy forced on us from the top on behalf of the poor, abused and mind-controlled bottom that just can't help themselves, and everyone is more miserable. The media tells us that if we do X, we're shitty. Some on the margin stop. Enough do that ostracism rears its ugly head despite ostracism being pitched as a bad thing when it hurts progressives. Rinse, lather, repeat. Soda will steadily lose and steadily become something that no self-respecting white family allows their children to consume.


PA said...

Sometimes a blogger will post a pair of photos contrasting a wholesome past against a degenerate present. But one of the things that's nearly impossible to do a Then vs Now comparison on is the taste of perishable food.

Did sodas, ice cream, fast food, all food taste better a few decades ago before the corn syrup, cost-cutting on ingredients, and GMOs?

PA said...

Related thoughts:

- "poz-itively" ... LOL!

- I haven't drank a soda since 1/1998. Not even as rum & coke or in any other amount or form. Sometimes I have a dream about drinking a soda, with accompanying feelings of self-disappointment, and I'll wake up with relief that it was just a dream.

- Now, potato chips: like sodas, we never buy them, but unlike with sodas, we will eat them outside of the home, like at a party.

- It may have been the seat belt or motorcycle helmet laws that got introduced in the early 80s that put the country on course to going full-retard nanny state.

- I smoked cigarettes in the 90s. Landing in a European city felt like sweet freedom, as I could light up as soon as I got off the plane. I haven't smoked in over a decade, and don't particularly care to restart, but the smell of a smoky Eastern European train car will always smell like freedom to me.

- Corporations now have those ubiquitous Safety messages for their employees; not just for risks inherent in the execution of employees' duties, but also for things like how to avoid slipping in the shower. This leafs to sinister things.

- I HATE HATE HATE the imbecilic saying "have a safe day" that became popular after 9/11.

Mindstorm said...

As I dairy farmer I prefer for myself buttermilk (if summer) or unsweetened evaporated milk (if not summer) to soda. At least I know what I am drinking.

Toddy Cat said...

If Republicans actually wanted to make a dent in the NAM vote, they had ought to try painting the Dems as those people who want to take away everything NAMs like to indulge in. I doubt if painting the Democrats as the prissy scolds who want to take away your Glock, Kools, Mickey D's and grape soda would move more than 2-3% of the NAM vote into the "R" column, but it would be worth a try, it would be hilarious to see the lefties try to counter it without being "racist", and it would certainly be more worthwhile than having Rich Lowry record a rap song, or whatever stupid thing NR is advocating in it's latest issue...

Orthodox said...

The health costs associated with the homosexual lifestyle are high. Progs aren't consistent or logical, but if you take the logic of taxing soda, there's a much stronger case for taxing gay people, particularly apps such as Grindr, gay bars, etc. Anything associated with random, unprotected sex in large numbers. Gay = unhealthy.

Guy said...

Hilarious. SWPLs only care about issues when they can use them as an opportunity for status signalling. Soda is demonized, while liquid sugar juices, iced coffees, "sports" drinks, and snapples get a pass despite having the same effect. Over-educated lawyer women scoff at blue collar men for drinking too much bud light, while they get shitfaced on boxes of red wine and rant about the patriarchy. Cake and ice cream get a pass, because urban SWPL women just love their gourmet Georgetown cupcakes. And how dare you bring up overweight women and force them to conform to your patriarchal standard of beauty? Obesity can only be brought up to invoke the oppression of minorities through disparate health impact. Who? Whom?

Suburban_elk said...

Did sodas, ice cream, fast food, all food taste better a few decades ago before the corn syrup, cost-cutting on ingredients, and GMOs?

Well considering that coke was original made with cocaine, it must have tasted great!

But seriously i assume that just about everything used to taste better. Including pussy.

But of course now with status signaling and food being one of the big ones, food is tasting better, or at least it is easier to get some good food at the store, and even at mid-level chain restaurants such as Perkins or Baker’s Square, where i get a hamburger once in awhile and damned if it is not pretty good. I was driving through Georgia a few years ago and it was the end of a long driving day and it was raining and it was dark and the road was unfamiliar and we were tired and pulled into this roadside cafe and for 5 or 6 dollars got the full Southern style course: chicken-fried steak bread potatoes, fried squash and something else. I thought we had found some secret diner off the beaten path, but it turned out to be a Huddle House. Throughout the whole trip i was exalting this secret place 40 miles southeast of Atlanta. I loves me some Southern-style food, and it’s not some swapple pretense. Or it is a swapple pretense, if by swapple pretense is a good thing.

Guy’s comment above is on the money. Food is status signaling but it is also really close to what life is about. People want to say that they live well, but they don’t want to be so obviously self-congratulatory as that, so they talk about how they eat. But the flip side of that is that eating well is not living well; it is just a part of it. It is hard to eat well, if by eating well is meant enjoying the whole process of eating and the before and after.

Eating well is awfully pretentious, actually. There is a documentary on netflix (did someone say pretentious?) about the four-star restaurants and how they come and go, and some of the current top trendy ones in Europe. It is called Three Stars and it was super popular a few years ago. Watching it reveals some of the idiocy and sadness of trying to live the good life by eating, and how that doesn’t really cut it. For instance this top Danish restaurant serves its hearts of cat-tails or whatever-the-fuck on geologically polished river stones - river stones as plates. There is a limit, right? It is all very feminine, in a way - the complete devotion to this SENSUAL experience of eating. It’s almost like these women are not being fucked enough. And in fact in table scenes (in that movie), notice the men versus the women. There is something in that dynamic, of how the men are kept, and the women are on top.

As I dairy farmer I prefer for myself buttermilk

I had milk straight from the cow in Europe, and it was a whole different animal than what is at the store here. I would like to drink from that cow again, before it’s over.

But on the original topic. Soda, or pop as it is usually called here but which idiom i think is fallen out. Some people get addicted to it, in the same way that some people can not stop eating. There ought to be a law! or something.

Eating is one of the few pleasures that people have, and because of that it is abused.

PA said...

"But seriously i assume that just about everything used to taste better."

One exception: beer. We are living in the golden age of beer.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Buy Coca-cola made in Mexico. Sugar. No corn syrup. Totally different taste. Crisper, not aas syrupy

ivvenalis said...

Every single country I have been to with the telling exception of Britain has had categorically better produce than the United States and relied far less on processed/pre-prepared foods as a staple. I welcome hipster snobbery about food with few qualifications.

Portlander said...

About 10 years ago I went to former Indochina. There wasn't much choice in soft drinks, but they had 7-Up. So I tried 7-Up, which as a kid I liked a lot, but somewhere along the way I'd lost the taste for. Much to my surprise it tasted great. I ended up drinking it almost daily for a number of weeks. Upon returning to the states I thought, hey, maybe I should try 7-Up again. Needless to say it was horrible and I haven't touched the stuff since.

I don't know if it's the sugar, the recipe, or both. We have Mexicoke (heh) here at the office. I've never had any because I've mostly swore off sugar water, but I might give it a try again.

My rule of thumb to live by: anything marketed to 50% and lower of the bell curve in the US should be avoided like the plague. This includes everything from financial products to the grocery aisle. Indeed, don't do your banking (or wedding-ring shopping) at the grocery store. And hey, Mexicoke is SWPL from Costco. That's like 66% of median, so who-knows, I could well like it. At least, I won't be surprised if I do. :)

Anonymous said...

Odd that no one mentioned Joe Camel and the campaign against him 20 odd years ago.

The non-coercive campaign that might work against sodas is one that calls them liquid candy, as the article recognizes, and says it's wrong to raise your kid on candy, etc.

Stop ragging on HFCS. It is not significantly different from honey and it's what sugar becomes when it meets your stomach acid.


Son of Brock Landers said...

I didnt since I wrote how they destroyed him using 229 preschoolers. Yes the campaign against him was that flimsy

Toddy Cat said...

As they might say over at MPC, Joe Camel did nothing wrong...

anonymous said...

why do you think McDonald's advertisements always star blacks unless it is an ad about breakfast? Ba-da-ba-da-daaaaaa, whites only go there for breakfast on their way to work while blacks use their EBT there for other meals!

Does the state you live in allow EBT-card use for fast-food restaurants? it doesn't in my state, though i understand that 'Big Food' companies and lobbies such as Yum foods is pushing hard for that. i find that very offensive but i notice with surprise that a lot of others don't, even those opposed to EBT-card proliferation, period.

i figure that kind of self-serving lobbying in and of itself is ominous.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Yes EBT is an option at fast food and gas stations