Friday, October 23, 2015

Note on Cheesecake, Egalitarianism and Hollywood Casting

Before I post the Social Matter preview, I thought I'd spend a moment to say thanks to you all for responding to my TIME 1955 Perfect Body Hoax post. That was more of a fun post for me that I did not think would take off. Once a week, I post a fun topic post. It was fun not just because of the cheesecake involved, but the inadvertent mirror on the American soul issue. I didn't even mention how women gleefully objectified a woman and a particular look while the media informs us that women hate to be objectified and no one should objectify anyone. Who hates being told they're sexy? No one. It is like the cat-calling video and street harassment, who hates the "concept" of calling something sexy? Someone who never is told they are sexy. The media and academia are taste-makers, and they are a disgusting force when held by people infected with the progressive mind virus who want to destroy Western civilization. Easy to execute plan: destroy their symbols of beauty while raising up the ugly as beautiful.

I love those type of posts as they occupy an intersection of so much in America we are afraid to admit, or even discuss, plagues us. Women diving head first into fads end up supporting traditional norms by either what they support under the surface or how goddamn ridiculous they look supporting. We can't talk about women getting significantly fatter, but we all know it. We know it's wrong. Men and women have both become fatter, but there is a difference. We know by height and bone structure that the 30 lb weight gain by women who stayed the same exact average height (5'4") is different than the 30 lb weight gain by men who also grew in average height by three inches in the same time frame. Our American lifestyle is broken, especially for women. To discuss any of it, we'd receive the "fat shaming" onslaught. I don't care because with each "share" of that TIME 1955 meme, the chubbsters support my idea that they hate being fat and in-shape is beautiful... and healthy. The need to silence any criticism is that we would be pointing out that the progressive's, 21st century social paradise is a shit-show.

This is just a small aspect of a deeper problem of public discourse. American media so easily criticizes other nations for behaviors and problems that America has on an even bigger scale. We also talk all of the time but never about what matters. Even if we tried, we would be shushed with accusations of racism, sexism or homophobia by the volunteer thought police and then the mandarins of public debate. Not discussing problems was an old Hollywood joke about WASP families, which was an unfair smear when countless social groups do it. It's societal wide now. The prog excuses are even more strained. I love to read articles that blame black women being enormous in 2015 on the legacy of slavery because I can look at photos from the 1960s (50 years closer to slavery) and see a plethora of slender black women. That excuse ain't working except on true believers and fellow fatties.

The Hollywood selection for size 0 women bothers me too but from a "I don't like skeletons" perspective. Film and TV are escapism. Why would I project myself into a role where my sexual pairing is built like a boy? C'mon Hollywood homos. A little known and now defunct blog "Revolt Against the Modern World" had a great post on Hollywood egalitarianism making us all jerks. It's a great post on how Hollywood pushes so many unattractive or skeletal women to be considered sexy or cute in the name of diversity and equality. Narrative over reality. Force feeding an egalitarian idea of beautiful over the idea that there is an objective, traditional view of beauty. We're not all pretty, but we know it when we see it.

The linked post by Flavia is fantastic. I like to think of the flip side, too. Who gets sidelined because of Hollywood's choices? There is a limit to roles, so if producers stuff in Narrative hires, who sees their Hollywood career go down a lower track? There is one woman who, had she been an actress 20 or more years earlier, would have had a bigger career: Diora Baird. Bad pic on Wikipedia, just Google her with the Safe Search "off". It's worth it.

Very Catherine Deneuve-ish
Seriously, Hollywood WTF?

She is like Catherine Deneuve... with giant breasts. No steady career, and she smartly married someone with a weekly network drama role and has a kid. Jesus Christ though, how the hell did she not have a bigger career? Same goes for Kathleen Robertson. Robertson and Denueve would have been perfect '80s action movie or '70s disaster movie babes. Can't imagine why Hollywood did not cast either buxom, red head/blonde girls for romantic leads or action movie love interests. Even throwing one in a Judd Apatow comedy would have been fine. Must have been parts meant for Michelle Rodriguez, Jennifer "Aging Spinster" Aniston, Lucy Liu, Kate Hudson and Zoe Saldana.

Enough! Cheesecake meandering is over, go do something productive this Friday.

Even Playboy was smart enough to shoot a set


Pvt. Jaybird said...

Kathleen Robertson, hot damn! A+

Toddy Cat said...

You get the idea that, thanks to gays, feminists, lesbians, fat acceptance propaganda, and PC, Hollywood can no longer recognize a sex symbol when it's right in front of them. I mean, any group of people who can virtually ignore this jaw-droppingly attractive woman, and try to push LENA F*CKING DUNHAM on us as a sex symbol have lost even that tenuous connection with reality necessary for successful exploitation.

You see the same thing with the Republican elites, and this years' batch of "acceptable" candidates. One expects handsome corporate drones like Romney, or (possibly fake) heroes like John McCain, but...but... I mean.. JEB BUSH!?! Like the aforementioned Dunham creature, that's just plain insulting and arrogant, p*ssing in the face of ordinary Americans and telling them it's raining outside. It indicates both an astonishing arrogance, and a deep disconnect from reality. As the Greeks told us thousands of years ago, hubris is followed by Nemesis. Justice is coming, and it won't be pretty, I'd guess...