Thursday, October 15, 2015

My Podcast With Social Matter - "Find The Black Tom Brady"

I did a podcast with the guys at Social Matter. The sound early on my end is bad but not just because my voice. We cover entertainment, sports and culture. Jesus Christ, I forgot how young I sound. It is just under 2 hours. First 13 minutes of the pod is just culture, and how people identify. The rest is sports. We talk of people who don't give a shit about sports, sports and race, sports and family, etc. I hope you enjoy.

Go listen to it there!

Note: I deliberately spoke slow because I hate it when I listen to a podcast or radio show and people just motormouth it.

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peterike said...

Enjoyed the podcast (ok, I skipped ahead a few times). I don't like podcasts as a rule because it goes too slowly. I'd rather read a transcript. But this was a good listen. You know a lot more about sports than I do.