Thursday, October 29, 2015

Friskies' Weird Sexy Ad Campaign

Ummm, Youtube, what's going on with this cat advertisement?

And what about this one?

What the hell is going on, is this an organized campaign?

Jesus Christ, it is.

Pay attention though and listen to each entire advertisement. There is something different about the specific ads. If the ad has a female speaker, the speaker eventually mentions Friskies food or a food reference around the 18 second mark. If the ad has a male speaker, there is no food reference. It is just a straight 22 second audio personals ad you would find in those awful tele-dating services from the '90s or a phone sex introduction.

We should expect more cat lady demographic advertisements in the future.


Toddy Cat said...

Nothing should surprise me anymore, I suppose, but Holy Crap, this country is getting weird...

Suburban_elk said...

It is pretty tacky. Animals as substitutes for sex partners - that is material for jokes now. Once i asked an acquaintance what he was up to and his reply was “not much just staying home fuckin’ the dog.” Though it seemed sorta funny at the time, it was actually a clue to his status, about which less said the better.

But yeah, the fact that animals as companions has crossed a line with catwomen should be one of those topics that might be acknowledged between girlfriends as an inside joke, but to make an advertisement about it is crass but hey! that’s par for the course.

There is a parallel to be drawn between the advertising itself, its branding, and its content. Its content is the animal as a substitute for real life. And then so is the advertisement. The advertisement is a joke as if between friends - and it is a joke about inappropriate relations substituting for friends.

Those recursive meanings are built into the structure of entertainment and television, but eventually they become too much. Too bad DF Wallace decided to kill himself because he could have been a good blogger about the meaningless-ness of modern life and the internet.

By the way, modern life is no longer meaningless because war, but let’s not call it war yet because Europe is far away and this is America and high school chicks are easy.

Pvt. Jaybird said...

"Fucking the dog" is an an expression for wasting time. I use "screwed the pooch" when I mess up at work.

Pvt. Jaybird said...

P.S.- I do not own a dog nor do I want to fuck one.

The animal thing is absurd, it's made me start to hate pets altogether. My blood boils when I go back to my old gentrified neighborhood and see two DINKs walking their stupid rescue mutt and no stroller. The best is when my nearing middle age childless friends back out of a weekender because no one can watch their goddamn dog.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Jaybird - My favorite thing is when childless friends who put their dogs in strollers and dress them up then say, "No no no, I don't want kids, what makes you think that?"

Suburban_elk said...

Somewhat off topic, but not really. That video on netchix, Hot Girls Wanted, which was featured in a post here some time ago?

Wow that is a sad story about how all these girls or young women or 18-year-olds go to Miami to play act as virgins losing their cherry.

As a documentary it is well made but it gets only 2-stars from the reviewing community, which is telling (of something). Because it is a damn good documentary, that gets to a lot of the poz. But it only gets 2-stars because it somehow upsets the reviewing community.

The editorial slant of the documentary is that the porn industry in that set-up there in Miami is “exploiting” these young adult women. It makes the case that they are being exploited by how they get involved in a situation not really knowing how it is going to go. Like they sort of agree to some “degrading” stuff like “face-fucking” but don’t really know that they are agreeing to it. That is what the film contends.

I am skeptical that they are being “exploited”, and that they don’t know what they are doing. Characterizing it as exploitation requires that they are not adults (with agency). Which they aren’t, but technically they are, but that is another conversation. I mean there are laws against rape already.

These girls last three months in the industry and then they go back to Texas and ask for Daddy’s forgiveness. Or they become used up cokeheads, but the film doesn’t show that part.