Thursday, September 03, 2015

WW1: Scale Is Incomprehensible

It is hard to grasp the sheer scale of the Great War. Americans have become accustomed to war being fought far away and done with low numbers of men from our volunteer forces. The Iraq War involved less than 200,000 American soldiers. The figures from the Great War boggle the mind and show the changing shape of war.

A hundred years ago this past month (August), 90,000 Russians surrendered at Novo Georgiviesk. The fortress was not evacuated despite being west of Warsaw as the rest of Poland was evacuated. Russia could not hold the Germans or Austro-Hungarians back at all. Why? Because on August 17th, 1915, the Russian fortress of Kovno fell to the Central Powers. There about 20,000 Russians were captured. This was then compounded by the loss of Brest-Litovsk. The staggering number of POWs was nearly 1.5 million Russians at that time.

Germans pose with Russian gun at Kovno

This all capped the "Great Retreat". If American students learn of failed efforts in 1915 (that's a big if), they hear of Gallipolli. The Great Retreat basically killed the Russian Army as a fighting force that had any energy to defeat the Central Powers. Germany sent feelers out to Russia to offer a truce as the situation was so bad for the Russians. One snag: the Germans wanted all territory it had captured. Russia said no. Considering what Germany had taken and how the map looks now 100 years later, this would have been a good exit for Russia. Even worse for Russia's future, on September 2, 1915, the Tsar took over direct command of the army.

Captured guns at Novo Georgiesvk

Air power in WW2 would show that fortresses were no longer impregnable. Bataan was reduced to nothing despite its amazing defenses as were other fortress cities in Asia in WW2. Thousands of men in such close proximity would not be used after air power was refined. Even Eisenhower noted that the atomic bomb had made troop clustering like the pre-Normandy invasion a relic. It is a risk no one would take.

Fall of Brest-Litovsk
These numbers of fighting men, of dead men and of captured men would not be tolerated today. America could not lose an aircraft carrier without national doubt and a crisis. How could a Western power, or Russia of today for that matter, handle over a million of its men behind barb wire?


sykes.1 said...

To give an idea of concentration, the Western Front ran a distance equal that from Columbus, Ohio, to Chicago, a little over 400 miles. Paris would be about where Cincinnati is. The number of troops engaged on the Front was similar to the population of Ohio.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

Maybe is a good thing we never going to see a War of this scale again.

peterike said...

"How could a Western power, or Russia of today for that matter, handle over a million of its men behind barb wire?"

We have almost a million blacks behind barbed wire right now. And another million-plus non-blacks. I'm just jibing, your point is accurate.

What a complete disaster for the West, that stupid war. It's hard to imagine a world where WWI either ended quickly, or didn't happen at all. Would we still have been seduced by multi-cult propaganda? Would feminism have been so all-conquering? Much less likely. Just in terms of sheer masculine strength that was lost, so many of the best men, our resistance to evil pathogens was severely weakened.

It's all so depressing.

PA said...

"Maybe is a good thing we never going to see a War of this scale again."

We are seeing a new king of war on an even bigger scale: entire continents are eradicating their populations via mass population replacement.

I believe the irreverible game changer in our favor will be when a credible figure articulates and thus validates "White Genocide" for mass audiences.

peterike said...

Correct PA. This is the most existential threat Europe has ever faced. None of the World Wars were as big a threat, nor Napoleon, nor the crazy multi-decade wars of the Middle Ages.

If anything compares historically, it's the death and destruction caused by the Black Plague. And ironically enough, Black Plague is a perfect name for what's happening now.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Brilliant peterike. I am using "Black Plague" from now on.

Toddy Cat said...

"Maybe is a good thing we never going to see a War of this scale again."

It would be good, but I'll bet we do. Conflicts on the scale of the World Wars, the Thirty Years War, or the Tai-Ping Rebellion are not only possible, they are almost inevitable. Every generation thinks that it has seen the last of things like this, and every generation is wrong...

peterike said...

"Every generation thinks that it has seen the last of things like this, and every generation is wrong..."

Solid point. Indeed, "the war to end all wars." How'd that work out?

Every major war seems incomprehensible in retrospect. Really, the Civil War? World War I? How on earth did these things happen? How does such insanity, and stupid self-immolation, get unleashed?

Well, there are generally movers and shakers behind the scenes bringing things about. It's not the people who go clamoring for war (at least not until the PTB floods them with enough propaganda about the latest "enemy"). And goodness knows, the PTB these days are likely the most deviant class of leaders the world has ever seen. Who knows what happens in future. If we finally get the long-overdue economic collapse then maybe that's followed by war.

The one thing I dislike about Trump (may Allah bring him success) is that he's too bellicose. But really, immigration is the bigger problem right now. And he's said he thinks he can get along with Putin, and I think he can, because that will just be two MEN sitting together knocking back vodkas and shooting the shit. Not the mincing little Obama being cowed by someone clearly his superior in every way.

Hell, I bet Putin and The Donald swap stories about the hotties they banged. Maybe they'll really get down to it and say, "WTF, enough anti-white nonsense. Let's team up, shove the third-worlders out of our nations, and work together to put the screws on the Chinks before they get too powerful."

OK, enough ramble!

Suburban_elk said...

The scale of those conflicts is incomprehensible, … or at least it was, until the social structures at work on the national levels deteriorated to the point where white America no longer has a place on the map. White America still exists and is strong out in the countryside, at least up here in the Midwest, and i think out West too. (I won’t dog on the South, they get mixed reviews and others can opine on that.) But white America doesn’t get to own the cities and the suburbs anymore. One thing about the cities and the suburbs, is that they sprung up in places with geographical significance, and so they are still valuable for that reason. New York is obviously a harbor town. The Twin Cities is on the River and is surrounded by good agricultural land. But the value of these places based on their geography is somewhat diminished in how it is tied in with the quality of the ecosystem. In any case these places are where most of the people are! and so where the conflict is too.

The kick in the balls, of this mixed up multi-race living arrangement, is its inescapable reality. There is no escape from this instance of “civilization”, there will be no wall separating out Asia and Africa, … or maybe there will - either way, epic conflict is on the menu. In these parts it may not be a hot conflict for a long while, it will just take place on the small scale of beat-down lives.

The expression of civilization that we have in America in 2015, in the suburbs and the cities and the television and in the day-to-day exchanges between the people, is not so impressive as to be worth much. There is a bootstrap problem for those who would advocate for the people who are living in such an arrangement: what can they point to as a model on which to aspire? When i see white advocates putting down non-whites for their mud hut lifestyles, i have to laugh at that argument and its nanny-nanny-booboo sophistication: as if this culture of modern America is worth a damn: where is one meaningful ritual or shared experience among the people, that anyone can point to, in the last 50 years? The only answer would be the moon landing, and that was on the television. The other might have been JFK and his limo ride in Dallas - hey there is a cool movie on that.

To go off on a tangent (but not really), both those events - which are the closest things to having ritual significance for white America - both were experienced over the boob tube and 50 years ago, and both are the subject of much doubt and speculation. Whichever side the apparent facts of those questions lead one to believe, that there is such disagreement about what happened, that itself reveals that the “nation” does not agree on its significant events (ok, go ahead and say it: it does not agree on its myths). A nation that does not have myths in common, does not exist. White America does not exist.

Robert What? said...

The "Great War" was the beginning of the end for the West. White Christian males slaughtering each other. How dumb was that?