Thursday, September 17, 2015

WW1: The Cost of Victory

Austro-Hungarian Soldiers

While my last two posts on the fall of 1915 focused on the Russian Great Retreat and the rolling victories of Von Mackensen, the Central Powers still bore huge costs. The Austro-Hungarian troops above were but a few of the over one million the empire lost in the Great War. These victories along the Eastern Front would still sow seeds of the AH empire's downfall as it strained the multiethnic empire and forced the different nationalities to commit to fighting for an imperial seat unlike them, far away and out of touch.


Alexandros HoMegas said...

The Austro-Hungarian Empire and the German Empire ended because the victorious wanted this way, the same happened in the 90s, Yugoslavia was fine country that was destroyed to please the Globalists.

peterike said...

Stuff like this fills me with almost unbearable rage. I want to choke the New World Order bastards with my own hands, pluck out their eyes and eat them in front of their children, who I would then make my slaves.

I want to get all Rome on their asses.