Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Video Game Idea: Immigration Invasion

Game developers, let's get creative. How many Nazis can we kill? How many elves can we save? How many zombies can we kill? How many times can we be faceless space marines fighting some weird mutant or alien force with a deep backstory that allows for a franchise? Let's make something fun, something topical, and something guaranteed to make money.

"Immigration Invasion"

You, gamer at home, take control of a government and must find a way to handle the waves of immigration from the remote reaches of earth to not only preserve your nation but maintain its growth and harmony for generations.

Country Selection

Do you want to play as an island nation? How big?
Do you want to play as a continental power?
Do you want to play as a small landlocked nation?

Source of Invasion

Are your invaders coming from Arab, African or South American nations?
Are your invaders from right next door, a small sea, a channel or an ocean away?

Invaders will keep coming. The rate varies per your handling of the initial waves. This is not Space Invaders were they keep coming and only speed up; you can change the rate. Do you shoot them on sight? Do you blow up their boats?  Do you take an Israeli approach? Walls? Do you hold and release like a lobster that is too small? Do you implement some changes to your foreign policy or policies you have not even enacted in the source nations (Free IUDs)? Walls, camps, deporting current co-ethnics of invaders, etc are all your tools.

It does not stop simply with the handling of the invaders. This is grand strategy so the strategy is not simply with the march of zombies towards your nation. How do you handle your neighboring nations, how do you handle socioeconomic peer nations, can you find another comparable nation dumb enough to take them in, how do you handle the media? How do you handle the media????

Stat Tracking

Crime stats
Cost of living stats
Internal migration in response to the invasion (see California's internal migration out starting in the '90s)
Public support
Budget gaps or surpluses
Wage growth
Social Welfare utilization

Gameplay would require one to employ many different means and think creatively. Maybe blowing up boats is PR nightmare, but maybe it is not if you first arrest NGOs and confiscate their boats, and then deem what happens to the invader boats as national security. What if extrajudicial means are applied and third parties are dealing with migrants in international waters? The press can report on charred remains of rafts and boats found on shore, but no one knows how they got there.

Forget single player mode, this could be a great multiplayer gaming experience. After all this is not a one man job, and players will understand one president or premier cannot fix this problem.


Orthodox said...

Propaganda. Announce the reopening of Auschwitz labor camp. All trains go to Auschwitz and will deliver migrant workers to their new unpaid jobs.

Shouldn't take more than a few days to end the migrant "crisis."

Portlander said...

Long-time commenters may remember my remark that US' open border policy stemmed from the power labor had over capital in the 60's and 70's. The quintessential anecdote was the UAW guy that wouldn't work more than 3 days a week. After everything else failed, his manager finally asked why he only worked 3 days a week. His reply: "I can't afford to live on two days a week."

If there's been one constant for the last 10 years, it's how well-paid the German worker is. The fall of Communism created a flood of cheap labor west, but that was short-lived, and it doesn't take much for Europeans to start co-operating.

Well, lookie-loo we now have a humanitarian crisis with hundreds of thousands of foreigners flooding Western Europe in general, and Germany in particular. Coincidence? Nope. If you doubt it, who created the crisis? When Gaddafi and Assad were secure in their position there was no crisis.

As for the game, cute concept, but too easy. Israel and Australia have already shown it's a trivial problem to solve. The problem is entirely one of will. Like was said in the last comment thread, this is a war our generals don't want to win.

PA said...

I've become equal parts despairing and optimistic with this refugee development. The former comes from a realization that EU leaders arent just dealing with immigration status quo that they've inherited. They're actively hell-bent on replacing Europeans in their own homelands. Their malice is now naked.

My optimism comes from the fact that they're being called out on it. From Trump's dog whistling to Orban's direct statements, to regular people with no alt-Right savvy whatsoever flinging alt-Right memes and articles on facebook and in comments. Public opinion in Poland is loudly enragef over the settlement of 2,000 Muslims in special apartments in Gdansk (just a bus ride away to a ferry station to Sweden, wink wink.) Photos on Facebook broadcast camp of saints images from Greece and the Italy.

The way to win this, in my opinion is to go full force publically with the "geNOcide" protest. Spread the meme so regular people understand and voice it.

Key is to play up the UN articles on the prevention and punishment of genocide, in particular paragraph c.

The United Nations Genocide Conventions legally defines genocide as follows:
(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

With the thoughts you'd be thinkin said...

We in Australia will probably getting 12,000 Syrians. At least they appear to be arguing for non-males and religious minorities.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Great points PA.

Also last comment on Australia, it seems the Abbott guys are pushing hard to 1. if they take in refugees it will be women/children who are christian and 2. if they take in refugees, they are lowering the restricted numbers on all other groups. Smart.

Lucas Temple (a.k.a. Armenia4ever) said...

Considering how much free publicity Hatred got from all its particular controversy, a game like this might be able to generate similar amounts of rabid SJW types who in give that free publicity.

Never know, you could get small crew of guys together and start a kickstarter.

Scott's Bluff said...

If Civilization wasn’t produced by such limp-wristed faggots this would already exist. Real life civilization is not all fun and games with people getting along, but I play a game intended to emulate aspects of the real world and come away thinking, “So where’s the option for genocide? Where’s the refugee invasion from this crappy nation next to me? Damn even creating an old school empire is kind of weak in this game.”

How about at least adding cultural subversion?

“Members of your Jewish population have subverted your country’s major institutions, What do you do?” I want more seriousness in some video games.

I’d say the mod community is able to create your game idea but I believe the proper tools don’t even exist within Civ 5. It’s really, really milquetoast. I haven’t yet played Europa Universalis but I believe it offers much more colorful options that mirror real events and history of a civilization’s life time. I could see a mod that adds immigration invasion.

This game sounds like something you and your buddies come up with and conclude “Why don’t they make that?!”, similar to movie ideas that’ll never see the light of day despite being awesome. Sometimes crazy stuff gets made but it’s rare. Ten years ago there was a video game that allowed the player to relive the JFK assassination from the perspective of Oswald. It’s actually more than just a basic bitch murder simulator, because a major aspect of the game was to produce the events as accurately as possible and receive a score based on how accurate your version played out against the real event. The procession goes by your line of fire and you take your shots.

Of course certain things will go awry. In one version my bullet hit the driver in the knee which caused him to accelerate the car, swerving off the road, crashing the front end into a tree, ejecting JFK and the governor out the back and eventually running them over as the car backed up.

Here’s some gay Canadian playing the game, JFK Reloaded.

The white genocide meme is interesting. I used to believe the claim was unfounded if based on population numbers. White people are still a huge majority in their respective countries save for South Africa and to some degree the US, and there’s no scenario where Europeans go quietly into that self-imposed minority status. But lately it’s gone from just theory to reality for me. There’s a minority of Jews who openly state white people should give over more of their land to nonwhite invaders, and there’s a larger minority that tacitly agree to this because of whatever Marxist rationalization. There still remains a large portion of Whites not yet radical enough to push back hard, mentally or physically, against an invasion. Partly because the idea itself is still portrayed as radical.

But the younger generation has that will. The War Nerd made a point about gunning down invaders in cold blood as they attempt to cross your nation’s borders (Israel shooting Arabs at some Green march). The men who do this do not exist in the West at this point, because to possess that kind of will requires years of seething resentment produced from seeing your land and people attacked.

Something like that, I’m going off memory.

al said...

It would probably work in the zombie defense game genre, too

peterike said...

The men who do this do not exist in the West at this point, because to possess that kind of will requires years of seething resentment produced from seeing your land and people attacked.

Yes, but by then it's too late. The numbers are against you. In ye olde days, there wouldn't even be a question about this. The migrant invaders would have been sliced to ribbons from the get go by the local roughs. Now, with power devolved to the State, and the State totally in on the White Out, where do you get force projection? We'd need a military coup. Europe has no military to coup with. America is too big and the military too dispersed. Though you'd probably get a lot of local law enforcement on board if it did happen.

Then again, this is why they've filled the military with SWPL MBAs and fag hags over the last 20 years. The elites knew damn well that the ONLY threat to them would be a military one, so they cut the legs out from under it.

I would love to see some General step up and say "we're taking over the ship," lock up the entire Congress and the President, shut the borders and start throwing invaders into the sea and hanging banksters on lamp posts. But the elites have decimated social cohesion so much that there's no critical mass left for this to happen.

You'd have to start with a legit authority, say a President Trump. And from there he'd have to convene the military, get them on board, and declare martial law or something. I don't see it happening in any other way.

Suburban_elk said...

The UN Genocide Conventions as listed above apply to white peoples in their homelands along the lines of (b) (c) and (d).

(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

It causes the white natives much stress to have to live with and compete against the foreigners. This stress is mental harm, and it has effects on physical health too and so is bodily harm.

This statement is fairly obvious, and yet white Americans are (still) reluctant to acknowledge the stress, and harm, that living with and competing against the foreigners, causes them. Admitting such stress and harm is sort of complaining, and being a complainer is weak. Americans are expected to be winners. At least around here they are. If i were to bitch - or rather when i bitch - about having to compete against Mexicans for semi-skilled labor, no one wants to hear it.

The mental harm of having to live in a multi-race environment is a huge variable, a huge question, it is a giant factor and fact of life that we are not able to discuss, for reasons similar to above: we are supposed to adapt and evolve, and if one does not, then one is a loser and laughingstock. It gets back to the lack of culture and the lack of myths, the lack of identity for white America, which all taken together does not allow for a holistic picture of something from the past to preserve and defend, and something in the future to dream and aspire.

Craig Cobb would talk about the mental stress of the multicult multi-race living arrangement, and so he deserves some credit for bringing up that reality. It is interesting to consider how such a living arrangement bothers better men more than it does their lesser brethren, who are willing to (essentially) get femmed out. I saw a guy at the landscape supply store who was all done up in Uptown fashion with skinny black jeans and a turquoise tee and a pony still from too short hair at the top of his head, and he was with a woman who was the bossy type. The funny thing was this young guy was built like a bruiser with massive shoulders, but he was dressed like a bitch.

It might be hard to prove at the Hague that the immigrants are making that guy dress like a bitch, and the causation is not so simple as that, but they are related things.

Suburban_elk said...

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

The living arrangement they call “multi-culturalism” is a multi-racial living arrangement, and it is inflicted deliberately. Is it deliberately calculated to about physical destruction of the native whites? that question is debatable, and it would be easy to argue that it is not so deliberately calculated: that rather it is done in the interests of the economy, or in the interests of the foreigners, and that the harm to the natives is incidental.

That clause is very vague and not much use. The conditions are inflicted deliberately, of that there is no doubt; but are they inflicted deliberately for the purpose of causing harm? That would be impossible (or nearly so) to prove. Arguing on that point is esoteric anyways - though apparently it does matter in a court of law.

The very nature of “deliberate” is not at all clear. It has to do with free will and agency and consciousness, and no one has the answer to these questions. I think that it is a mistake to focus on that aspect of things, in any criminal matter, it is a relic from when people had different ideas.

(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group

Whoever acts to support a multi-race living environment does so at the expense of the native group. This is basic biology that anyone can understand - or it would be if people were not removed from nature and retained some common sense on matters ecological; but instead people think that there is no end to how many people can be clothed and fed. That is an illusion of prosperity that is coming to an end, and it will be easy to demonstrate that within a limited ecology a million browns and blacks take the place of a million whites.

When i see Somali women given preferential hiring at the Government Center, for jobs with pensions and easy hours and good pay and benefits, it makes me wonder. Actually it makes me hate. But the point is that that woman is given resources to have kids, and some white person is not given those resources. Everyone knows that (many) smart white people are not having kids because of money problems, so it should be easy enough to show some causation between resources allocated to foreigners and those resources not allocated to natives, and the effects on birthrates.


Remarkable how applicable those UN provisions are, to the conditions white Americans and Europeans are living under.

So it turns out that we do have the law on our side! well that is a relief, to know that these problems will be solved, let us simply bring a complaint to the UN and let them know our troubles and worries.

How is it possible to describe the structural problems that race-Whites are up against? How is it that the whole structure - what i used to call the Unintentional Superstructure, a nice big cool phrase which despite its grandiosity is as good as anything - how is it all aligned against them?

It has to do with the nature of being white. White people, as their color code suggests, are an absence. This absence of identity is what allows them to expand into things. Rather than being worried about who they are, they just are. But as the man said, Times have changed.

Anonymous said...

You should follow up on the UVA HOAX since a new article from Vanity came out.

PA said...

Nice breakdown Elk. The other part of "(b) Causing serious [...] mental harm to members of the group" is the long demoralization and history-erasure campaign propagated by the schools and mass media.

Hugh said...

Making light of tragedies such as the refugee crisis and the plight of these poor people really demonstrates what sorry folks you right winger white pride types are.

I am so happy that white majority nations will be gone in 20 years so that racists like you cannot make fun of the less privileged. I smile every time a pretty white girl bears a Child of Color

Demography is destiny.

peterike said...

"I am so happy that white majority nations will be gone in 20 years so that racists like you cannot make fun of the less privileged."

Lolz! Well assuming you're not just a sarcastic troll...

Yes my friend. Yes, we are "racists" because we want to save our race from extermination. If that makes me a "racist," then so be it.

On the other hand, you clearly do NOT want to save the white race from extermination. So what does that make you? It makes you a genocidal maniac, my friend. Wear the label proudly.