Sunday, September 13, 2015

Social Matter - Where Does #BlackLivesMatter go?

At Social Matter, where does #BlackLivesMatter go from here? Not politically directly, but where does it pop up through messaging infections? Go read it there.

“In the matter of People v. Demarryous Johnson on the charges of murder, the jury could not reach a verdict. I declare a mistrial.”
>Prosecutor squints but knows another trial will loom<
>Victim’s family is in tears, “But they had video showing him shooting my brother!”<
>Outside courtroom #BlackLivesMatter protesters cheer and hug just one black juror<
>Media, and nation, goes nuts<
How long is it until #BlackLivesMatter finds its way into jury boxes?

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Portlander said...

While jury nullification is possible, more probable is a few more sinecures to buy off agitators and it will all blow-over as the #GimmieDatArmy shifts its focus to... Look, Squirrel!

Without white progs tending the fire and stirring the pot, and they will move on once its usefulness in elections starts yielding an obvious back-lash, BLM is not sustainable.