Sunday, September 27, 2015

Social Matter - Tales From Weimerica: Have Sex With Who We Tell You To

This week's installment is one of my "Tales From Weimerica". This one is about the academic fueled and media pushed problem of people not having sex with the right groups of people.

Weimerica never relaxes. That is part of the circus atmosphere. The anxiety adds to the ‘what’s next’ hopes and fears. When mixed with sexual politics, it is toxic. America has always been in a hurry to get somewhere, so it is natural to see it reflected in the cultural realm. The progressive steamroller needs new targets. It can always use the old tools. The driver of the steamroller is just anxious of what may happen if it stops moving. We’ll probably shoot him. They are aiming the steamroller at your sex life. Not accept and celebrating the freaks, but they are aiming at yours.

Go read the rest there! I promise I cover gays, porn, interracial marriage and just how the media really really does not like the results of the multicultural society they push revealing hard truths.


PA said...

"It is not enough to donate to causes and show up at protests as part of the rainbow coalition. One must take lovers of the coalition."

A Leftists' truism I couldn't help but concede in the 90s was that the Left tends toward inclusiveness while the Right is by definition progressively exclusivist -- therefore damned to lose on numbers alone. As theyd say, liberals have an ever-expanding tent, they were "additive" in a sculptor's sense. Communists welcomed anyone regardless of ethnicity, while Nazism (yes, they always went there) was ever more subtractive - sure you're white, but you're not German. Sure, you're German, but you're not Nordic in appearance.

But now that we've all seen the Left in power at all levels (and having reflected more of Solzhenitsyn's writing and that of others, like Cz. Milosz, it's clear that the Left's claim to brotherhood of man is a lie. The Left viciously places demands of purity on its adherents. Not just purity of ideology, but purity of race of sorts, too, except in reverse.

Deduction said...

I don't think that these quite silly complaints about porn and so on are major enough to illuminate big truths about the leftist worldview.

They get some traction in the media because they are talking about sensational subjects but, really, they rouse few passions.

I think that this phenomenon is better explained by the fact that people follow successful business models.

The model here is one of making a similar complaint and then using the media coverage to secure oneself a rent seeking position in the industry which you are complaining about.

Just as AirBnB is the Uber for hotel rooms, Deen is the Jesse Jackson of porn. Unions are passé by comparison.

Not that this means that your complaints about leftist hypocrisy are unfounded, but it is just that they never really cared much about freedom to choose your sexual partner either way. Instead they cared a little but not enough to sacrifice some multikult principle...or pass on a sensationalist news story...or turn down a well paid, media spotlit sinecure in an industry where your career is normally short and there is decreasing money.

I mean, what else is James Deen going to do with his life?

This highlights a great problem with our age. No one is really confident in any values even liberalism. Essentially there is no leadership and no legitimate authority so any chancer can come along, create a facetious argument and demand this or that.

Deen is arguing and there is no resistance, because we live in a moral vacuum.

Portlander said...

With whom. ;)