Sunday, September 06, 2015

Social Matter - Orban's Defiance

I return to Social Matter with a piece on Viktor Orban. Go read it there!

If one has noticed the migrant crisis, or third world invasion of Europe, Budapest is a flashpoint for the problem. Hungary has implemented what the Western media calls emergency anti-immigration laws, but the Hungarian leader would call protective measures.
The man in charge of Hungary, criticized for a hard stance on “migrants,” is the man quoted above: Viktor Orban. He has many more quotes on the crisis of Europe, which is not just of immigration but of multiculturalism, history, existence, and will (Orban’s full speech is wonderfully recapped and discussed here). Orban is the only immigration hardliner in charge of an EU nation, and he is feeling the heat for not complying with the elite’s agenda. Orban is a rebel in more ways than just immigration, and it is best to look at what he has done in Hungary to explain why he can speak publicly as he does on the invasion.
If you have read me long enough, you have seen me point to Hungary's moves to break free of USG. I had not explored just how he changed their media landscape, which is huge, until now. Orban is in the eye of the hurricane for this immigrant invasion. Read why he can stand firm.

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