Monday, September 07, 2015

Silver Bullet for the "Migrant Crisis"

The migrant crisis or immigrant invasion began earlier but has come to widespread attention now. Migrants come from Africa and the Middle East. Many are from war torn nations like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan etc., and they have a peculiar desire to go to Germany and England. The Eu is committing suicide by taking them in, and a rather odd feature is that 75% of the migrants are men. Guess Syrians do not want to fight ISIS, so better ask for Americans to do it, right media? How can we fix this? How can we fix a lot of things in one fell swoop? Sailer says send them to Qatar who is going to spend hundreds of billions on the World Cup. I have a better idea.

1. How do we house all of these migrants immediately? No construction needed.
2. How do we save Europe from turning into Eurabia ahead of predictions?
3. How do we extract money from the Arabs to punish them for funding ISIS and creating this?
4. How do we stop the flow of migrants?
5. How do we help China out, which is in a tough spot?
6. How do we stop migrants from dying in transit on their little overcrowded rafts in the open sea?

Send them to China's ghost cities in unused supertankers and let the Chinese police them how they handle their Muslims with the Qataris/Saudis paying the entire bill and giving China $100 billion +/-.

1. Supertankers are unused in the global trade slowdown. Stack them in there.
2. China has ghost cities already constructed that house millions but are empty. These are dense areas, easy to cordon off. Consider it like an ink spot.
3. The Chinese will crack down on any misbehavior. Giant Kowloon Cities of Muslims. What could go wrong that might need strong Chinese police responses?
4. The Saudis/Qatars have rich sovereign wealth funds, so $100 billion should punish them enough. You know what, make it $200 billion.
5. China could use the wealth injection.
6. Europe does not take in any "migrants" and stupid progressives can have their consciences soothed in between mochachinos.
7. Migrants will see how the Chinese treat their brothers and stop leaving.


Mandos said...

Brilliant. I will support your nomination to the State Department under the upcoming Trump administration.

Anonymous said...

i got a hand it to you - that's a pretty brilliant strategy. i'm impressed! it reads like a joke but it makes perfect sense.

With the thoughts you'd be thinkin said...

Doesn't China has a growing population of African illegals.

Anonymous said...

SOBL should for World Emperor 2016.

mikestreetstation said...

That's a great idea, but I doubt that the people who want the US and Europe to take in the migrants won't be interested. They still will want the US and Europe to take them.