Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Haiti vs. Dominican Republic... Is it Just White Dads?

The Dominican Republic has been in the news recently as it chooses to deport Haitians. The Smart Set or right thinking crowd does not approve of this move. Black Americans, who question whether Dominican Zoe Saldana counts as black (many say no), suddenly wonder why the Dominicans are deporting their blacks since "all of DR be black". It is like blacks who say all of Brazil is black online, and then get shot down by Brazilians (trust me, if you ever see this online, watch it, it is a beauty to behold). Lost in all of this is that the island of Hispaniola offers the greatest refutation of environment pushers in the nature vs. nurture argument.

Jared Diamond even commented on this in one of his SWPL books, but while the Dominican Republic is a poor nation, it is not the basketcase and perpetual hell-hole that Haiti is. Same island. Two completely different outcomes. What is different? The people. There is more variety on the DR side, and a different hue to the folks, but check deeper. Looking at the DNA, does it come down to one slight difference?

From the Wikipedia page on the population genetics of the Dominican Republic.

According a 2015 genealogical DNA testing, the average Dominican is estimated to be 52.15% European, 39.57% Sub-Saharan African and 8.28% Native American overall.[116]Genetic studies of Mitochondrial DNA (MtDNA), which assesses the DNA inherited by female line, found in a 21st-century study that the Dominican Republic’s population racial admixture is primarily European and African, but there is also a noticeable Taíno element in the population.[42] Based on MtDNA tests, approximately 15% of Dominicans are descended in strict female line to Taíno women. Another 15% have European-MENA mtDNA haplogroups, whereas most of the Dominican population, 70%, have MtDNA Maternal side of African origin, meaning that the majority of the Dominican population is descended from unions of European men with African women

Does the entire difference come down to white dads? Y-chromosome work has not been done, but considering the 52% total mix number and the 70% sub-Saharan matrilineal descent, it makes sense. The European DNA had to get there somehow, and this is an average Dominican and not the very euro appearing Dominicans like Oscar de la Renta. The population genetics for Haiti are not as European in mixture. Haiti did not enjoy the white dad effect. Haiti did a pretty good job of killing all of the white dads.

Jared Diamond has some points on the Dominicans' more favorable view of foreigners versus the kill all others immediately view in Haiti. It is a social construct, but is it really? That is a cultural viewpoint that expressed itself through government policies that invited foreigners and foreign investment. Genes and culture perform a dance, so how much of the bedrock of the policies is based on the most likely semi-mythical origin of the island's people of the dual outsider union with foreign men leading the families and island.

Same island. Two outcomes. Culture and genes constantly work together to form a society. I often laugh at what Tumblr feminists think solutions to problems would be. Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley are feeling the weird heat of what their party has become. #WhiteLivesMatter is now a bad thing to say by leftist politicans in any context. #KillAllWhiteMen is a hashtag on twitter that feminists of color like to push. Be careful what you wish for. Neither the DR or Haiti are paradises, but no one has ever told me about the charming time they had when their cruise ship docked in Haiti.


Deduction said...

Haiti used to be a pretty cool place to be foreign and super rich.

From wiki -

when his son Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier succeeded him as President for Life, tourism returned in the 1970s, and again Haiti was a hotspot tourist destination drawing an average of 150,000 visitors annually.[14] The resurgence of tourists flocking to Haiti's new seaside beach resort, included Bill and Hillary Clinton who honeymooned there in 1975. Vive la différence has long been Haiti's national tourism slogan,[15] and its proximity to the United States made Haiti a hot attraction until the Duvalier regime was ousted in 1986.

peterike said...

and its proximity to the United States made Haiti a hot attraction until the Duvalier regime was ousted in 1986.

I'm assuming this was like the Middle East. You had a strongman dictator, totally corrupt of course, but able to keep his citizens in line and thereby making a livable place out of what, left to their own devices, the populace would destroy.

I remember all the fuss in the 80s about getting rid of Baby Doc. He was one of those old school anti-Commie dictators, so of course the fashionable Left was incensed about him. The yammering in the press was relentless about it. I vaguely recall some "hero" Priest too (i.e. Commie priest) but can't remember his name (or was that in the Philippines?). Naturally, Baby Doc eventually was driven out and Haiti went to hell, just like Iraq, Syria, Libya. I suppose it's too much to ever expect the Left to learn that some places need strong hands. Though all a dictator needs to do is mouth vaguely Lefty slogans and there will be zero media pressure to oust him.

Bettega said...

The priest name is Jean Bertrand Aristide.

Haiti is, in a certain way, George Soros dream country. The national government has no authority and the country is actually ruled by the hundreds of NGOs that make it known as the Republic of NGOs. Of course they have to pay tribute to criminal gangs that rule the streets, but since these gangs follow some Pseudo-Marxist ideology (they were allies of Aristide during his rule), thats ok.

Demographically, all the whites were killed centuries ago, so mulattoes, some very proud of their white blood, form the political and cultural elite , while Arabs take the role of the merchant minority.

Deduction said...

The NGOs have been ok for Haiti. Here's how it was when Haitians ruled Haiti.

Steve Sailer said...

Dominican baseball players from the baseball town of San Juan de Macoris tend to be blacker than the average Dominican. (Apparently, there was a long ago influx of very black Jamaicans into that part of the DR to work in the sugar cane fields.) American-born Alex Rodriguez is more representative of the what the average Dominican looks like.

Jared Diamond talks about how the megalomaniacal mulatto dictator of the DR from about 1930-1962 sponsored immigration from Europe to lighten his country. The DR was the only country in the world at the time that was extremely enthusiastic about importing Jewish refugees. Jewish philanthropists set up farms for Jews to work at in the DR, but they quickly shut down as the refugees tended to find their way to U.S. cities and other more familiar urban locations.

kurt9 said...

Maybe the Haitians and Dominicans need Colonel Sir John Yardley to make things better for them.

amit said...

one highly relevant fact that very few people ever notice is the inversion of interracial relationship between backs and whites in the last 50 years. Before it was exclusively white dad black mom pretty much all over the world, nowadays the majority at around 2 to 1 (in usa at least) black dad white mom.

Anonymous said...

@amit - Most biracial children from black dad/white mom tend to grow up in divorced/single mother households (at least in Europe), are considered mixed raced and tend to mate with a diverse range of people from all over the world (e.g. Europeans, Middle Easterners, Asians, Native American Indians).

Anonymous said...

@amit - Even in the modern era, black father/white mother coupling is quite rare, less than 1%. It's true that the reverse was more common 50 years ago, and was the ancestry of the vast bulk of mulattos.

A couple of examples of mixed-raced people descended from white male/black female unions:

Ethiopians (Arab male descent)
Cape Verdeans (Portuguese male descent)
Brazilians (Portuguese male descent)
Colored South Africans (British/Dutch male descent)
Dominicans (Spanish male descent)
Puerto Ricans (Spanish male descent)